“How we love you.” Monatic touched fans with an emotional post about his son, who turned four

Monatic congratulated his son on his birthday (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian singer Dmitry Monatik published an archive photo with his youngest son Plato, who turned four years old today, January 12.

The star dad wrote an emotional appeal to his little son, and also shared his memories of his birth with followers. Monatic also thanked his wife Irina for the children and confessed his love to her:

“Four years ago, during the filming of one advertising campaign, Irina Monatik and I were rushing to the hospital with joy !!! It was a hot time, I was constantly on the road, on tour, and I clearly remember how I prayed to heaven that you would wait and appear on the day when we will all be in Kyiv, and there was an opportunity to meet you with dignity! You heard! And even then I thought: “… what a punctual and responsible person…”. For our family, children’s birthdays are always the most long-awaited and favorite holiday !!! On this day, four years ago, fate gave us You !!! A cheerful, unpredictable, ideological, artistic, wonderful brother, an amazing song, and, already clearly understood … a man with an iron character. How we love you, our Plato! Grow up happy and continue to be worthy in every sense. Happy Birthday, our youngest !!! P.S. Irina Monatic, I love you infinitely and thank you every day for these miracles !!! ”, – wrote Monatic in an emotional post.

In the comments, the fans actively congratulated the kid on his birthday:

“Congratulations! How much love is in these lines! ”,“ How touching ”,“ Dima, to tears! ”,“ How cute, ”they write on the Web.

The mother of Plato, Irina Monatik, who published an archive photo of her son and touchingly congratulated him on his birthday, also joined in the congratulations.


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“Happy birthday, our treasure! Ours, Plato! Thank heavens for choosing Dima Monatic and me as your parents! Time flies unrealistically fast! 4 years is like an instant, ”she wrote.

Recall that the couple has two children – the youngest son Plato and the eldest son Danya. Currently, the star family is vacationing in the Maldives.


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