HP Samsung Galaxy A01s, Armed with A UI-2 Easy access


Display HP Samsung Galaxy A01s. Photo: Is/Net

Again and again, now, Samsung the mobile phone market, a new face in the segment through the submission of HP-Samsung-Galaxy-A01s.

Success with other current phones, not Samsung stop exploring more sophisticated innovations again to the cell phone high-class.

Samsung Galaxy A01s have been wearing a variety of technology, the mainstay of Samsung. With various specifications, which is cool and modern, the phone is ready to jump-start you, to come to the surface and Greet the fans.

Spesifikasi HP Samsung Galaxy A01s

With some specifications, a surplus for Samsung Galaxy A01s, not owned by another phone.

Don’t be surprised if the Smartphone is prepared to compete with the competitors.

How the electronic company from South Korea that have developed rapidly, is Samsung always be able to win the hearts of customers to switch to product their phones.

No exception with Samsung Galaxy A01s is predicted that a flagship phone. Curious with the specs of the Samsung Galaxy A0s1? Here we will check for you.


Screen actually specifications-HP-Samsung-Galaxy-A01s, should not be missed discussed in detail. Samsung Galaxy A0s1 has been pinned, is screen type PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors.

With any type of screen has a color, the image quality is better and real. The ability of the visualization shown, always in style.

Like a mobile phone in the display of luxury that has been given supports a screen resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, together with the 19:9 ratio.

The resolution of the screen in Samsung Galaxy A01s this gives the look of a futuristic and dynamic.

Add the advantage in terms of the screen that is displayed, also the Display size of 5.7 inch. So, how to give, the satisfaction of each user.


As the latest phone other Samsung, HP, EPSON, Samsung Galaxy A01s in addition, the possibility of the camera reliably. Even some of the camera, wore the advanced mobile phone is very sleek and modern.

You talk about the ability of the camera main first, Samsung Galaxy A01s 2 MP equipped with two cameras (13 MP x.

Of the ability of the main camera, which he brought to the Samsung Galaxy A01s in the situation, to the effect that in the time of the shooting.

In addition, it produces to focus the right target group and the appropriate target with the object image taken. So you don’t add to the sophistication of the camera the main, then forget about the additional features of the flagship-LED flash.

Features on the smartphone, enter the color that is bright and sharp. His ability Videos can also do not doubt, Samsung Galaxy A01s brought resolution video 1080 @ 30 fps.

In addition to the ability to the main camera, front camera, Samsung Galaxy A01s are also not less great. Supports front camera 5 MP, able to the results of the selfie and good quality. So you will have more self-confidence with a self-portrait that is displayed.

Kitchen Runway

Still talking about specifications HP Samsung Galaxy A01s. Next, we turn to the supply of the kitchen runway, brought.

Samsung Galaxy A01s has brought the latest operating system i.e. Android 10 with the support of UI-2. It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy has brought A01s, the operating system is a sophisticated and mobile the latest from Samsung.

Offer the possibility, in the darker mode to save your battery’s life is more perfect, and the more accessibility is achieved.

Not only that, Samsung has brought Galaxy A01s, the CPU Quad core 4 x 1.95 GHz and 4 x 1.45 GHz do not need to doubt their performance.

Not imaginary, if the kitchen runway, HP Samsung Galaxy A01s able to give maximum support in the implementation of performance components any other mobile phone very well.

The Internal Memory

Go to the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A01s next, namely, the capacity of the internal memory of the embedded. Advanced mobile phone from Samsung, it brings the internal memory of 16 GB.

Thus, a large storage space to different needs for the users later.


Samsung Galaxy A01s also comes with a RAM capacity is quite adequate, is 2 GB. Although the size of the RAM is a bit small, but it is in the location of, the storage of a variety of other critical applications.

Specifications-HP-Samsung-Galaxy-A01s, the purpose of cell phone use will be much simpler. Communication experience, the be getting better and better. (R10/HR-Online)