Huawei back the challenge of Google, a search engine For the users . . . .


WE Online, Surakarta

Huawei started the testing of internal search engine homemade sophisticated Google search engine, based on the information, the loaded page technology The Huawei Headquarters.

The app is called Huawei Search provides functionality similar to Google, allows users to sort, search for video categories, news, and pictures, in addition to the display of search results all-in-one.

“We recruited test users in the United Arab Emirates, the latest app Huawei Search App the will soon appear,” said Huawei in a post on its website quoted Tech NodeOn Tuesday (3/3/2020).

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Functions search the latest it was designed to replace Google services, because the Chinese company it is forbidden to install Google apps without the permission of the U.S. government.

Application search it is operated by Glasses, Limited from Ireland. “This is a mobile service for the users of Huawei in Europe, Canada, Australia and new Zealand,” wrote Glasses, on his website.

Huawei update Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) since 2019, as an alternative Google Mobile Services the ecosystem of applications for Smartphones, service cloudand community developers.

A description about this news, Huawei, declined to comment.