Huawei Has Been Testing The AppSearch


Huawei, the tech giant from China, is currently testing apps arch. This is the latest software which is developed by Huawei and is trying to help users find popular applications for the smartphone without Google services, the Play Store.

For you, the not, Huawei is still affected by the trade ban will know, through the Ministry of Commerce of the United States, the rolling since 2019. Huawei has in the ‘Entity List’ and as a threat to national security.

So, Huawei prohibits the purchase or cooperation with the products or services of other companies in the United States. This company, like Google, and with the giants of the search origin of Mountain View, the collaboration with Huawei was banned. As a result, Huawei, lost the Google services officially.

Since then, Huawei is the smartphone with the Android operating system has just, but it doesn’t have Google Mobile Services (GMS). Google Play Store is a service of the gallery of the most popular apps in the Android so it will be a major obstacle to Huawei.

To handle Huawei, the development of Huawei’s Mobile Service (HMS), and now seeks to expand its portfolio of software apps is arch. Until now, the AppGallery is the official app store of Huawei, which allows users to download the app.

But the current lack of AppGallery not many of the most popular apps and not the number of the same app with the Google Play Store. This is where the appsearch entry, which make it easy for users to find and download full APK of the popular desired.

AppSearch is currently being tested in Germany and is open to the public in the official website of Huawei Germany. According to an unofficial summary, this software is to help users find their favorite apps on your smart phone Huawei with HMS.

A popular app can now be found, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. Applications are now available for the series Mate-30, series P40, and even Mate Xs. Well, this is a proof for the Huawei continues to improve the ability of HMS or enrich the AppGallery with a lot of applications.