Huawei Is Looking For A New Search Engine Replacement Google


Policy “banned“carried out by the government of the United States against a company from China, very have an impact on the fate of Huawei in the industry smartphone and other smart devices as a whole. Now, after the official is no longer supported by Google services, Huawei should be, regardless.

One of the launches from Huawei about this new search engine replacement Google search the name Huawei search. So, what is search Huawei? it is safer and more complete than the Google search?

1. Compensation for absence from service of Google

Huawei Is Looking For A New Search Engine Replacement

Huawei is a form of compensation from Huawei is looking after the absence of many of the services and the Google-app – in this case, the Google search is. Although still new, Huawei search, in fact, was good enough to be used as an alternative for the Google.

Reporting from Gizchina, the Huawei search can be performed by the user with a quick search, got the information about the weather and the sports results, as well as with a calculator for unit conversion. The results can also in-filter based on categories such as videos, news and images, for the results of a comprehensive search.

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2. Can be used in all browsers

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Huawei Is Looking For A New Search Engine Replacement

What is interesting, from Huawei search is the fact that the search engine is not only can the device using the official app or on your Huawei, but also in almost all the browsers used. This is in contradiction to what is written in the “Terms of use agreement for Huawei Search”.

As previously reported, from XDA-developers, Huawei search is known to be operated by Aspigel Limited – a subsidiary of Huawei, based in Ireland. Well, in User Agreement You make, it is written that each user should have a Huawei ID to use the service, do not belong to the Huawei the is to 100 percent correct (at least until now).

3. Not yet downloaded but will soon be available

Huawei Is Looking For A New Search Engine Replacement

To date, Huawei new search will be available in the official app stores, the AppGallery belong to Huawei namely. Not fully published, there is still in the testing phase.

But Huawei promises that their HP and sub-brand You, the honor, the future will be directly to Huawei search as an application pre-installed. In addition to Huawei Huawei search will also be published planned to install more apps or alternative service Google, such as Squid (alternatives to Google News), Huawei Assistant (alternative Google Assistant) and Mobile Cloud (Alternative Google Drive).

This was a brief overview of the Huawei search, the search soon, Google replace. In addition to the development of a diverse range of services and the application, itself, Huawei is now trying to get the device, you can get you back to go service support from Google.

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