Huawei P40 is in the Three series


Huawei presents Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro-Premium Edition (PE).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, a SHENZHEN—Huawei will be to revive the gadget market the premium. On March 26, later, plan the manufacturer from China will feel it, Huawei P40.

Reporting of GSM Arena on Monday (23/3), Huawei P40 will be presented in three editions, namely Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro-Premium Edition (PE). The P-series was common line-up this has advantages in the area of the camera. Differences stand out of the three variants is also found in the camera industry.

Based on the leaking perfectly, these variants are equipped with a chipset HiSilicon Kirin 990. That is, this new product will present you with a chipset that also of the Mate-30 Pro-and Mate-Xs.

About the battery capacity, up to this point, no one can predict. But, on the one hand, it is certain that Huawei will give you the opportunity, housing material ranges from glass, ceramic and vegan leather.

About the camera, the third in this series comes with a number of different cameras. The Premium Edition will dominate the position number of the camera, with a total of 5 pieces. Then. P40 Pro comes with a 4-camera, and they give the weirdest comes with three cameras.

Of the five cameras in the PE, two of which-is the camera with a zoom lens. One of them is a lens with a focal length of 240 mm 10x optical zoom. While in the lens other merupakakan lens with 3x zoom.

For a main lens, smartphone it is equipped with a camera, 52MP. This camera is also the camera’s 3D-ToF equipped with a temperature sensor for color temperature and more accurate.

In addition, a longer lens is a lens, ultra-wide-angle-the 40mp is. Lens called Cine lens it would be present in the comparison, the viewing angle 16:9.

In terms of price, it is estimated this variant will be offered, at a starting price of 799 euros and 899 euros for the P40 (depending on memory capacity). Then, P40 per marketed is marketed with a starting price of 999 euros to 1099 euros, and for the variant of the PE, at a price of 1199 euros to 1299 euros.