Huawei Prepare A Search Engine Competitor Of Google

292 – Technology companies from China, Huawei is currently an application search engine (Search engines) Competitor To Google. To replace the search engine by the name of Huawei search, the function of the Google-made search on the mobile phones of Huawei.

The existence of the Huawei search, first reported by Reddit user named /u/being zero. According to him, Huawei the middle of the user to recruit in the United Arab Emirates, in order to try the application.

Huawei search yourself tested, to users in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since the end of February. Unlike in the case of Google search, the search results of Huawei Search seemed more simple.

Huawei search shows the search results for web, video, news articles and pictures. In addition, there is also a feature to the weather forecasts, calculator, sports news, the tool conversion unit.

To see the current weather, Huawei bring search until the weather conditions during the 24-hours-powered by Huafeng AccuWeather, a company which sources the data comes from the Meteorological Agency in China.

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The Appearance Of The Appearance Of Huawei-Search

Not only that, the user can also change the search and you choose the option to save the search history, you.

In addition, the search results of Huawei ‘ s search was different than the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask, AOL.

That is, there is the possibility that Huawei uses a machine of his own, not those of third parties.

Huawei is also the the latest features, search, the dark mode aka dark mode, as well as the option to enable safe search (safe search).

Compiled KompasTekno from XDA DevelopersOn Wednesday (4/3/2020), Huawei search known
operated by a subsidiary of Huawei, based in Ireland, the Aspigel Limited.

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Although still in the testing phase, but do not exclude the possibility that Huawei, Bing, this search can be to a competitor of his predecessor, i.e. Google or Microsoft.

The presence of a search engine artificial Huawei is not without reason.

In fact, since his name is included in the black list, AS named in the year 2019 phone-new phone Huawei not use the Google., services such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Play