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Service HMS is ready, as well as the search function Huawei, called Huawei-search is now still a beta version.

Report Reporter Nextren, Zihan Fajrin. – Huawei has recently introduced a service replacement for Google that Huawei Mobile Service.

As a service, there are some applications that can help users forget about the service from Google is slow.

As AppGallery as a replacement for the Google Play Store a variety of popular applications.

Then there is the Huawei Video, the could be considered as a substitute of Youtube, by a wide range of videos.

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Various video is the result of the curation of Universal Studios, Sony, BBC and Disney.

Huawei claims to be able to reach 160 million monthly active users to the Huawei Video.

HMS on Huawei also provides a replacement for the Google Assistant, Huawei-wizard, said to be able to display the location, the weather, the latest news.

Started Xdadeveloper, the most important component of Google, its search functions, and Huawei have to be in the HMS.

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Your search feature called Huawei search, namely, just tested with a beta version.

Huawei does not search like Google, which only allows access to search engines alone, but also on the Google lens, the assistant, and Google Podcasts.

Huawei is a simple application for the search of such pages, images, articles or videos is search.

In search of applications, there is a shortcut to see the weather, powered by Huafeng-AccuWeather.

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Huafeng-AccuWeather is a company that originated from the Meteorological administration of China.

In addition to the Association of the weather, on the Huawei search, there’s also a shortcut for sports, units conversion, and a calculator.

The Appearance Of The Huawei Search.

Huawei search tested search engine but not Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, ask and AOL.

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It is not yet known, Huawei search on the HMS have the search engine itself or by a third party.

Application Huawei search also can only be used by users Huawei.

Users of the smartphone Huawei try the beta version, Huawei search up to 11. March.

The trial version of this app offers exciting rewards to its users.

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