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Huawei could have in collaboration with IndusOS AppBazzar for the products a cell phone and honor, the Android app store with the native language of India.

Report Reporter Nextren, Zihan Fajrin. – Huawei already looks Mature with the mobile service, called Huawei Mobile Service or HMS.

Service HMS has already introduced Global and is claimed to be a replacement for the Google service with GMS.

The loss of the services of the GMS on the phone Huawei is due to the decision of the government of the United States that do not allow access to the company’s country of origin is China.

Google is rumored to plan the return of your service mobile Huawei with a petition.

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The petition is expected to take more time, because waiting for unsorted.

Google now has a selection for Huawei pin on the mobile phone new and IndosOS AppBazzar including the selection.

IndosOS AppBazzar will be useful for mobile Huawei is located in the region of the Indian state.

IndosOS AppBazzar unknown never on the mobile Samsung.

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At the beginning of the year 2019, IndosOS AppBazzar the Samsung Galaxy, in collaboration with Samsung to help users.

Help in the form, so that the original of the Indian languages can be present on a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy, so not only the present English.

IndusOS AppBazar also has 400 thousand applications in 12 local languages.

Twelve of these languages are Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

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Started Xdadevelopers, Huawei said, seeks an agreement with IndosOS to offer, the Android app store on mobile Huawei and Honor.

The deal mentioned, not only in the market of mobile phones in India in other countries.

Although the two companies are in search of answers, whether the cooperation can be continued-in the world.

Slowly, Huawei leads many people to believe that the phone can run without the help of Google.

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Huawei with HMS, has already been replaced by multiple applications through the provision of services, such as Google, including the AppGallery, the Play Store.

AppGallery on the Huawei may still be used, but the exception is on the phone, those in the Indian market.

Therefore, Huawei has, in cooperation with IndosOS, which may be a long time.

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