Huawei Woo developers with a revenue share of 90%

213 – The technology giant of Chinese origin, Huawei, seems to recognize that the future of your company are expected to be handed over, without Google. Yes, how else, Google his own had a woo-woo of the U.S. government, let me be allowed to do business (again) with Huawei, but it seems that the United States remains keukeuh, No more Huawei for U.S. companies. Including Google.

So, Yes, Willy-nilly, Huawei should start thinking about a replacement search, Google Mobile Service (GMS) to its product line, Huawei and sub-brand, the to his honor. This step begins with the development of the AppGallery, app store, serves as the Play Store of Google. So, in the future, users of Huawei and honor in the world, can you the app in the Play Store.

The platform to make your own app-store, of course it is easy for Huawei. Hart is looking for his residents, application products, will be on display in the AppGallery. Google itself takes years and years to be able to now. Invite and persuade them to cooperate with app developers.

It should also be carried out Huawei, so AppGallery, you can create are filled with product application. Especially the app-a popular app in the Play Store. To this end, Huawei has its own strategy. The love of the developers is part of the revenue share, which is more interesting than the Google.

The page reported Gizmochina.comby loading the app developers as much as for “sale” in the Huawei Appstore, Huawei presents a scheme for the results that are lucrative. Namely, 10% on Huawei as the owner of the shop, and 90% of the developer, the owner of the application. Wow!!! The offer is valid for developers who agreed and signed a contract with Huawei Appstore before June 20, 2020. The Schema for the results of this special is effective for 24 months (2 years).

The composition was believed to be able to developers drooling, and busy-busy “selling” in the AppGallery. How, wong almost all the revenue in the correct developer. Something that is not available in the Play Store, which gave only a composition of 30:70, or be a part of the revenue for the developers as much as 70& alone. The same composition applies to the Appstore of Apple.

Some of the developers complained about the composition of 30:70 is applied to Google and Apple. You say, the developer shall bear the costs for the development, operation, and other supporting elements, why not just give 70%. That is what makes a game Epic reluctantly, she put the game Fortnite in the Play Store.