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Arianna Cecconi is an anthropologist based in Marseille. In my new novel Whirlpool of insomnia (Feltrinelli) describes the city in a wonderful, fabulous way. A place to see a yellow submarine or experience a whirlwind, whirlwind. “The people of Marseille,” Cecconi says, “say that between the fountain and the door of the Church of the Reforms there is a whirlpool, a microcyclone, a black hole, a door that sometimes opens towards parallel universes.” The main character in your book, Aurora (who sometimes calls herself Marisol because she has something to hide) is faced with several parallel universes due to her sleep problem. And every person he meets opens up a wonderful world. So I agree with the author when she says that, without going too far, “probably in every house there is a seer hiding, a woman who can touch, a master who heals people with music. They are there behind the wall, under the floor, above the ceiling, just look for them.” Cecconi is also a researcher, and her research is on dreams, and here he explains them to us in a fascinating way as well.


What to read

Also, there is a lot of research behind this book. First, because this title is the first in the new Slow Food Editore series: Beer countries. But also because Luca Giaccone and Eugenio Signoroni saw fit to start with the country with the most beer variety in the world, Belgium. In order to get to know the local beer culture better, we move on to describe the 50 main beers, and then finish with 11 hiking trails that, although beer and breweries are at the center of their journey, allow you to experience different parts of the country through monuments, museums, restaurants and, of course, pubs, cafes. From Brussels, Bruges and Ghent to entire regions such as the province of Antwerp, East and West Flanders, the provinces of Namur and the Belgian Luxembourg, Hainaut and Liege, itineraries can be enjoyed with wonderful maps illustrated by Mattia Rimes, lists of useful addresses and QR codes, which connect the reader with interactive maps to trace the same places visited and recommended by the authors, supported by VisitFlanders and VisitWallonia.


What to watch

Souls – All the lives you remember, on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW, also available on request. Souls, a new supernatural drama series from Sky Original, explores the theme of reincarnation and repetition and revolves around the story of three women – Hannah (Bridget Hobmay), Ellie (Julia Kositz) and Lynn (Lily Eppley) who, at least outwardly, have no nothing in common, but actually represent the past, present and future associated with one tragic event. Their lives intertwine and change forever when the son of one of them starts acting strange after an accident and remembers a previous life in which he was a pilot of a disappeared plane…


A little easier. Returning to Disney+ August 8 Only kills in buildings. In the third season, Charles, Oliver and Mabel (played by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez) investigate a murder backstage at a Broadway show. Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) is a Hollywood action star whose Broadway debut was cut short by an untimely death. With the help of co-star Loretta Durkin (Meryl Streep), the trio take on the toughest case they’ve ever faced as director Oliver desperately tries to rebuild his show. Raise the curtain!



Until December 17, Friuli Venezia Giulia can be seen in a new way thanks to the atmosphere of the carriages of the 1930s, the so-called “Centoport”, with shiny wooden salons and curtains on the windows, equipped with suitcases and hatboxes and pulled from locomotives. steam, electric or diesel. From UNESCO sites to the most beautiful villages in Italy, from itineraries along the borders to historical reenactments, festivals, gastronomic and wine events and even major sporting events such as the Barcolana: there are many opportunities to discover a territory full of history, natural beauty, traditions, food and wine, travel in an original but also more sustainable way and in the name of “slow tourism”.

The month opens with the Tempus Express, a historic train that will arrive at the Gemona del Friuli station from Trieste on August 5 in the afternoon for the medieval reconstruction of Tempus est Jocundum. Every year in August, the Friulian city plunges into the past and is filled with medieval figures and surroundings, such as knights and magnificent ladies, as well as fire eaters, artisans in markets and taverns, as well as numerous dance and theater performances in all squares. Once they arrive at the Gemona del Friuli station, some shuttles will take passengers to the historic center, right in the middle of the action.

Sunday, August 6, the historic Treno Natura train will depart from Sacile and arrive at the station of Cornino, a city on the shores of the lake of the same name with clear and blue-green waters, from where it will be possible to reach an altitude of 800 meters and the Monte Prat plateau by bus. Participants will be awaited by specialized guides who will accompany the group along a hiking trail full of natural beauty and characterized by various trails with suggestive glimpses of the Alpine Tagliamento river and the Arzino stream, followed by a guided nature tour in the afternoon. The reserve is planned on Lake Kornino, one of the most interesting places in the entire alpine arc for birdwatching and birds of prey, especially griffon vultures.


She will only sail in November – from the 17th to the 24th – but you need to keep an eye on her, because, after all, it is a great idea to treat yourself even out of season. called ChocoCruise – discover the world of chocolate: and this is an entire chocolate-themed cruise to give bakers a week of sweetness and relaxation aboard Costa Cruises’ flagship, Costa Toscana. The program includes a rich offer of experiences, the main character of each of which will be chocolate. Guests will be able to experiment with chocolate-based dishes from breakfast to dinner, including savory dishes, enjoying this food in all its variations and combinations, depending on the destination the ship is visiting. During the week, meetings and culinary shows will be held with the participation of pastry chefs – Alberto Simionato (Italy), Joel Perriard (Switzerland), Philippe Bertrand (France), Ramon Morato (Spain) and Alexandre Burdo (Belgium) – and Riccardo Bellaer, whom they will tell the public their professional stories and their secrets in the kitchen, illustrating the preparation of the chocolate dish of the day.

Every day, guests can attend master classes dedicated to the culture of chocolate in the Laboratory, the ship’s culinary laboratory, accompanied by tastings of author’s desserts from pastry chefs.

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