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Hugh Jackman was tortured on the set of “X-Men”, said on-screen Rogue

While working on the first X-Men film in 2000, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin had a great opportunity to befriend. The Rogue performer this Wednesday attended The Jess Cagle Show, where she remembered how the shooting went and how her relationship with her colleague developed.

Hugh was the person with whom I became closest, because all the scenes I had with him – admitted Paquin.

As his girlfriend, Anna strongly sympathized with how many physical challenges the role of James Logan, also known as Wolverine, was played by Jackman.

He went through all the agony and never complained. Although at -40 he was thrown on his back again and again from some building – the actress said.

In addition, Anna shared that she had to help Hugh with a cigar, which has become a signature part of Logan’s image, and literally pull it out of his teeth. Because when Wolverine’s claws were released, he could not remove the cigar on his own without hurting himself.

Later, the actors met three more times on the set in the images of Wolverine and Rogue, when they played in the next parts of the X-Men film series.

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