Hugo Lopez-Gatell calls artists to join efforts by Covid-19


Mexico city /

Hugo López-Gatell, assistant secretary of prevention and promotiondand Health, sent a message to the artistic community in Mexico.

In the first instance he thanked for “their profound commitment, their responsibility, their dedication and their delivery to one of the most important causes that now we are concerned about: to preserve the health and life of mexicans“.

Your work, emphasized the official, is invaluable, you can move hearts, consciences, thoughts, expectations and aspirations.

“Your work is extremely valuable, and you by engaging with the message of healthhelp us all to achieve this change is so important. We now need to make it very clear that it is essential to stay at home, keeping us isolated for a time physically, in order to reduce the amount of contagion, and lower the curve epidemic,” he said.

He acknowledged that the epidemic will continue tothere is no doubt “and we have said clearly, we’re going to have an epidemic, we’re going to have a strong epidemic and there will be, unfortunately, people who have serious illness and some that they might lose the life”.

Well that all depends, he emphasized,”that we may ensure that the impact is less, and this we can only achieve it if now all, and we all stayed at home as long as possible.”

He recalled that it began the recommendation of this insulation with a month from march 23 to April 19, “but all and all they have to do it at the same time, with the same intensity,with the same dedication.”

To the creators, to the artists, the promotores cultural he thanked them for “the work so valuable that you do, in general, and the work as artists, as creators of culture,but also now by the importance they have in this critical moment.”


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