Hugo Mendoza continues crowding amid suspected dengue infection

Sanitation Committee, Daniel Riveraconducted a supervision visit Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital PhysicianLocated in Santo Domingo Norte, it follows the current status of patients treated at the center, who are affected by different health conditions, among which, dengueviral and bacterial pneumonia, bronchitis and nerve infections.

The head of the health department said that the department is interested in the recovery of all patients hospitalized with these diseases, although a large number of them come from different departments of the national district and some, because of him Ugo Mendoza It is a national reference hospital.

“I promise service quality and great Professionalism of medical staffOr, what causes sometimes there to be overcrowding In the event of an emergency, even though we have more hospitals that are also properly equipped and ready to respond to any health situation that arises in the country, with adequate equipment, supplies and medical personnel,” Rivera commented.

Likewise, it guarantees that all continuations Preventive measures and actions to mitigate dengue fever, As has been done since the epidemiological alert was issued in mid-May this year dengue and other tropical diseases as control measures to control the situation and ensure the health of the people.

doctor Damellis thendirector Ugo MendozaIt stated that all patients admitted were in stable condition and out of danger, stressing that those receiving intensive care deserved special care due to underlying comorbidities.

Minister Rivera was accompanied by Engineer Adolfo Pérez, general manager of the Center for Essential Medicines Program and Logistic Support (Promese/CAL); Dr. Gina Estrella, MSP Director of Risk Management and Disaster Assistance, Yocasta Lara is Director of the Hospital Center of the National Health Service (SNS).

Dr. Lara said The situation is currently under control Patients admitted to this center and other health centers in the country are recovery stagerespond satisfactorily to the care and treatment received.

Daniel Rivera Thanks and congratulations to all the medical staff who devote themselves wholeheartedly to providing medical services to all patients who come here, wholeheartedly, striving to provide the best services and striving for everyone’s health. Everyone admits it.

This Tuesday, Ugo Mendoza Registered 91 patients with suspected dengue fever were hospitalized.

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