Hugo Moyano is in his third period at Rojo

The doubts were dispelled: Hugo Moyano goes for more. The trucker leader will finally stand as a candidate for president in the elections to be held in Independiente on Sunday, December 19, when the partners will elect the authorities of the institution.

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The ruling party will compete with the Independent Unit front, which will have Fabián Doman as head, while Néstor Grindetti and Juan Marconi will be his bodyguards. For its part, Claudio Rudecindo has already been launched on the Gente de Independent.

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Moyano’s candidacy was confirmed this Thursday afternoon, in a meeting that lasted two hours and was held in a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires. In addition to Hugo, the current general secretary of the club, Héctor Maldonado, Jerónimo Moyano, Daniel González, Walter Curia, Néstor Benjamín, Marcelo Rubio and Darío Rodríguez were seated at the main table. Also part of the conclave were Noray Nakis, former president Andrés Ducatenzeiler and Alberto Eirin.

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Fabian Doman with Grindetti and Marconi, who will compete against Moyano.

Fabian Doman with Grindetti and Marconi, who will compete against Moyano.

Pablo Moyano, current vice president, was not there since he will leave the political life of El Rojo. What is not yet defined is how the list will be assembled.

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The opposition trinomial led by Doman was not part of the meeting. “We talked about many issues and there was agreement between all of us so that Hugo is a candidate for president. ANDHe left the debate open to see if there was someone else who would make the commitment, but almost everyone thought that because of what he did and what he gave the club, he has to continue. It must continue, although, of course, with some people who can rank the board of directors ”, Yoyo Maldonado commented on radio La Red.

Moyano has been with the club since mid-2014 and will be in charge for another four years in office.

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