Hulk, is the 2003 movie necessary to understand the Marvel Universe?

Hulk, the 2003 movie, is not a masterpiece. But it was an interesting experiment, partly the basis for the success of films based on comics and starring superheroes of the next decade. But, and this is a frequently asked question, is the movie related to the MCU? This article has the answer.

Hulk (2003) was the first spark of what would later become cinematic Marvel. Directed by a movie star like Ang Lee and full of stars (from Eric Bana to Nick Nolte, through Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliot), the film was a true precursor movie comic which characterized the 1910s (and which still attract millions of spectators to theaters) of the new millennium. You can find the film tonight, July 17, 2023, on Channel 20 of Digital Terrestrial Television. At 21:00. But what is the connection between this work and subsequent Marvel films?

Hulk before MCU

Bruce Banner/Hulk, played by Australian actor Eric Bana in the 2003 film.
Bruce Banner/Hulk, played by Australian actor Eric Bana, in the 2003 film.

The answer is quite simple and lapidary: this version of the Hulk it has nothing to do with in to the world Marvel Cinematic Universe. Upon release, the film received decidedly mixed reviews and less brilliant economic results than the parent company had expected. Therefore, the franchise ended, and the film was not included in the “universal” Marvel project.

However, the first adventure of the 2000s featuring the green man from Marvel was interesting experiment who, before the start of the expansion of the universe, introduced the world to the character of Bruce Banner, his allies and, of course, enemies.

Over time and the MCU

After the first appearance with a rocky face Lou Ferrigno, the second transposition of the Hulk was an Ang Lee film. next, The incredible Hulk2008 film, completely unrelated to this work, but fitting into the wider Marvel world as a second work (after iron Manthe same year).

In the 2008 film Bruce Banner/Hulk has a face Edward Norton, however, is ousted from later Marvel films. Partly due to his bad temper, partly due to production-level disagreements, the actor did not continue to work with Marvel on subsequent projects. In all other MCU movies, Banner/Hulk actually has a face Mark Ruffalo, has now set the symbol interpreter. A strange case: in addition to Banner, the character of Thaddeus Ross also had to go through remake. After the death of the late William Hurt, the character will be played by Harrison Ford (our article here) in Captain America: The First Avenger: Brave New World. Changes in the Hulk’s world can only arouse some curiosity.

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