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HUMAN app provides real utility for HMT and HUMAN ecosystem sponsored Bitcoin news

The HUMAN Protocol was launched on the Ethereum Mainnet. To complement this introduction, which was also attended by enumerate the HMT (HUMAN protocol native token) in the FTX Y Gate.io August 10: The HUMAN Protocol Foundation is launched the HUMAN app– The first opportunity for people to get HMT directly to perform data labeling tasks, and the first gateway to the HUMAN experience.

The HUMAN protocol provides a complete infrastructure (tools, plugins, integrations and APIs) to hire, manage, validate and compensate people. It is designed to support the creation of global labor markets where almost any person or machine can post a job and an employee with the necessary experience, knowledge, or expertise can perform the tasks associated with that job.

While in theory the Protocol can support any job, most current HUMAN tasks, using hCaptcha, involve tagging images. These tasks are now available in the HUMAN app, with the successful completion of all rewarding HMTs. Through this, the HUMAN application supports the production of diverse, relevant and less biased data sets and powers a new generation of AI and ML technologies.

This announcement follows the HMT’s record-breaking CoinList sale earlier this year. To learn more about the HUMAN Protocol, read this introductory piece.

The HUMAN and HMT app

HUMAN Protocol is a widely used technology affecting many industries, including the gig economy: this piece – and related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The HUMAN Protocol provides a platform for machines to empower people by freeing up their time and attention and increasing access to the global workforce, and global opportunities for that workforce.

HUMAN Protocol is a proven technology. Now with HUMAN, HUMAN provides real utility for the HUMAN network and ecosystem. The HUMAN app is the first opportunity for the community to get an HMT to perform data labeling tasks. Depending on the protocol, a task can consist of thousands or millions of tasks. If the task is to generate a dataset, then each task is a uniquely labeled image within that dataset.

The HUMAN app is the virtual gateway to the HUMAN experience. While it begins with data labeling tasks that reflect much of the work currently processed in the protocol, it is designed to fit any type of work and rewards work in proportion to the value produced by that work.

More than access to options, the HUMAN Protocol is designed to facilitate access value opportunities and people’s daily contributions. The HUMAN app allows anyone to receive a reward for completing a CAPTCHA. By stimulating the workforce globally, HUMAN aims to further nurture its community, set a clear example of potential opportunities, and ensure these labeling images make up for its contribution.

How does it work

People search HMT for activities in the HUMAN app. This starts at the log, which receives 1 HMT, and continues after each completed job. For example, 1 HMT is charged for each CAPTCHA resolved (that is, for each tagged image). Individuals must join or create a KYC certified crypto wallet to receive HMT and verify their identity.

Each tagged image contributes to the overall understanding of the machine. While the presented CAPTCHAs can be solved by anyone at the moment, the HUMAN Protocol aims to make the images more specialized and require a more specific base and set of knowledge.

For more information on the HUMAN app, visit here the website. Follow the team for the latest updates on the HUMAN Protocol Twitter or join the Fief. Alternatively, if you want to inquire about integrations, usage, or learn more about how the HUMAN protocol supports machine learning technologies, please contact Team of PEOPLE.

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