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Human Rights Foundation financed with almost 4 BTC to developers and projects in Bitcoin

Key facts:
  • The total amount distributed was about USD 167 thousand in BTC at the exchange of the day.

  • Each developer received between 0.25 or 0.50 BTC depending on their project.

Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit association that fights against the censorship of governments around the world, has financed with 3.5 BTC in total 10 developers who carry out tasks in different areas of the Bitcoin field.

The announcement was made through a press release posted on its website. In this, the developers who benefited from this contribution were made known.

Among the HRF-funded developers is Vasil Dimov, a Bitcoin Core programmer, who has helped make Bitcoin more private, implementing privacy networks like TOR v3 and I2P. The latter was known to have been finally integrated into the final Bitcoin client on September 13, as reported by CriptoNoticias. Dimov received the entirety of 0.5 BTC.

HRF also allocated 0.5 BTC to the financing of the open source protocol BTC-Pay, this with the aim of what would be the development of a Bitcoin design guide, which aims to help future programmers of the mother cryptocurrency. HRF receives donations on its web portal in Bitcoin through BTC-Pay.

The rest of HRF donations went to: Lili and Richard Myers, for Bitcoin research, Chaincase a Bitcoin wallet for iOS, SeedSigner for the development of its hardware wallet, LNBits a Lightning Bitcoin wallet, Fodé Diop for the creation of a programming course in Bitcoin, Michael Ford developer of Bitcoin Core, Umbrell for the development of its platform, and finally there is the Qala organization for the development of Bitcoin courses in Africa.

With this contribution, HRF adds more than USD 750,000 in support to the Bitcoin community, according to its own web portal. However, in the press release, it was announced that, for the last quarter of 2021, HRF will make another donation to the community.

Human Rights Foundation and Bitcoin

Human Rights Foundation web portal. Source: Human Rights Foundation.

Human Rights Foundation declares that they are against all kinds of censorship and authoritarian government that violates human rights. In this sense, for HRF, Bitcoin is considered a “decentralized, private, and resilient” human right, thanks to the very protocol of what Bitcoin is.

Because of this, HRF is actively working with the Bitcoin community to bring the big B cryptocurrency to the entire planet. This through financing projects that support the community, such as Bernard Parah and Carla Kirk-Cohen, who received 0.5 BTC in total to establish the Qala foundation, which will aim to train and help the developers from Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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