Humble Bundle Will Not Allow Players To Donate 100 Percent To Charity

Ten years after the release of the Humble Bundles, the Humble Bundle is undergoing significant changes. According to a recent blog post, it was decided to exclude the possibility for customers to donate 100% of their purchases to charity.

The Humble Bundle’s decision was made after months of testing and community feedback. Initially, the company allowed customers to select the portion of their purchase they wanted to donate to the Humble Bundle, publisher, and charity, using sliders. However, back in April, they announced a new update that will remove the sliders, replacing them with fixed amounts. With these preset options, most of the money will go to the Humble Bundle, and the portion donated to charity will be capped at 15 percent. Ultimately, the company faced serious backlash not only due to the update itself but also due to the lack of transparency that accompanied the change.

Despite the controversy, the Humble Bundle couldn’t resist making future changes, and its latest blog confirms that another update will roll out in mid-July. This time, instead of removing the sliders, the company decided to require a minimum donation amount of 15 to 30 percent to the Humble Bundle. Outside of these restrictions, customers will continue to be given the flexibility to adjust donations, and the specific minimum requirements for each package will be clearly stated.

Following an initial attempt by the Humble Bundle to cancel the ability to donate 100% of purchases to charity, this announcement came as no surprise. In a blog post, the company explained that the update is needed to keep pace with the PC store landscape, which has changed significantly since the launch of the Humble Bundle in 2010. In all fairness, it is true that if a significant amount of the proceeds are donated exclusively to charity, the company could be in trouble with current industry trends. At the same time, users are unlikely to understand, especially after the secrecy with which the Humble Bundle first tried to set a limit on charitable donations.

It will be interesting to see how users react to the news, as the proposed update is significantly less restrictive in terms of the amount that can be donated to charity. It’s also possible that the Humble Bundle could earn some trust from users after donating over 100 percent of the proceeds from one of its packages to help combat covid, for a total of over $ 1 million. Even so, clients tend to value the ability to make independent decisions, and the less fortunate always need as much help as possible.


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