Humiliating: El Trece will show movies on Jorge Lanata’s schedule

Last Sunday was the last program of Journalism for all, Jorge Lanata cycle in The thirteen, and the bad rating numbers gave the signal to implement another strategy for the nights of the weekend. In a totally humiliating act, it was decided that a cycle of films would be shown on their schedule. What will be the first and what will happen to the future of the macrista journalist.

According to the information circulating in the corridors, the solcito channel turns its back on the format that Jorge Lanata proposes for the last night of the weekend. In this way, the driver of Ppt will be replaced by The World of Entertainment. Fans of Jorge Lanata and his political analyzes will have to settle for a film special characteristic of the signal directed by Adrián Suar, which for this occasion he will screen the action film Miss bullet.

It should be noted that, due to this modification in the grid after the journalist’s departure from Radio Miter, The Verón Tiger It will also undergo a small change and will air at 11:30 p.m., right at the end of the film. With this new strategy, the channel will see if it can give competition to the giant of MasterChef Celebrity 3, unsurpassed in terms of rating.

Sad and lonely ending: Jorge Lanata’s last show

Lanata closed with 8.9 rating points, something that did not make him win the battle, but positioned him as the most viewed of the day in The thirteen. On the front sidewalk, the cooking contest did its thing and got all the applause. With the elimination gala, the gastronomic reality led by Santiago del Moro garnered 17 points, with peaks of 19, making it the highest in the entire day and the different channels. In this broadcast, the emotional farewell to Gastón Soffriti was experienced.

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