Hundreds of drivers cannot get into their Tesla due to a technical failure

Around 500 users were unable to open their Tesla due to misconfiguration of network traffic from the autonomous car maker’s app.

Technology is advancing at such a breakneck rate that today we can practically control any device from our Android smartphone.

This is due, above all, to the fact that the Internet of Things is increasingly present in more areas of our life such as our home with smart devices such as light bulbs, plugs or vacuum cleaners or even our car.

When you depend on an application to, for example, open your car, it can happen that said app fails and you cannot get into your car. This is precisely what has happened to hundreds of Tesla owners, who they have not been able to open their car due to a technical glitch in the Tesla mobile app.

Open Tesla with your mobile

I can’t open my Tesla: this is what hundreds of drivers said after a failure of the mobile application of the electric car manufacturer

This is what can happen when you depend on an app to open your car

Recently, some 500 Tesla electric car owners posted messages on forums and on social media like Twitter warning that they couldn’t open their vehicles with the Tesla mobile app.

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As you can see in the tweet that we leave you under these lines, the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, personally responded to the complaint of a user from South Korea on Twitter with the word Checking (Checking) and a few hours later he published a tweet in which he confirmed that the incident was already solved and that the company he runs I was going to take action so that this would not happen again.

In this same tweet, Elon Musk also explains that this glitch was caused by an accidental increase in “network traffic verbosity” from Tesla servers.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 in red

This fact is even more curious if we take into account that there are three other ways to open a Tesla in addition to doing it through the mobile application:

  • Bluetooth on mobile: This functionality does not depend on any Tesla server and both Model 3 and Model Y use this method as the main one. There is simply a communication between the car and the mobile that makes the car opens by proximity when it detects the mobile nearby.
  • Key on NFC card: Both Model 3 and Model Y have this method to open the car. Although we have paired the mobile with the car, we can continue using this card as a backup in case the application fails, as has happened.
  • Physical key– Many Tesla models, such as the Tesla Model S and Model X, have a traditional key to open the car.
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This situation shows us that technology is fairly reliable, but not foolproof and relying solely on an application to open our car, our house or make a card payment is not a good idea. It is always advisable to have a backup such as a physical key or card.

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