Hunger Games, the entire saga finally arrives on Netflix

Katniss Everdeen is ready to turn President Snow’s world upside down: the saga with Jennifer Lawrence arrives on Netflix with all four films available for streaming.

It’s time to return to the arena with the tributes of Hunger Games. The dystopian saga based on the novels of the same name by Suzanne Collins is finally available to stream via Netflix. The streaming platform has welcomed the saga made up of four films also in Italy starting from March 2023 and is an excellent opportunity to get to know lunge Katniss Everdeen and his battle against President Snow. For those who know the dystopian saga starring Jennifer Lawrence it is a simple rewatch, an important dusting off in view of the new prequel film coming soon, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent which delves into the youth of Coriolanus Snow before becoming the ruthless president of Panem.

The Hunger Games, the dystopian saga finally streaming: where to watch it

And it seems that the public quickly appreciated Netflix’s proposal. The Hunger Games, in fact, has shot to the top of the weekly ranking: its titles are among the most popular at the moment. As it reports comic book, three of the saga’s titles are part of this week’s Top 10, which confirms the public’s interest in Katniss Everdeen. The first, simply titled The Hunger Games, hit theaters in 2012, therefore about eleven years ago, allowing Jennifer Lawrence to make the fateful quantum leap and become a global star. His Katniss is the heroine of a dystopian world divided into districts, but only the city of Panem can live in luxury. Poverty and dictatorship become two lethal elements in an already bitter cocktail for the population and the Hunger Games are just the icing on the cake of a twisted and unjust system. When Katniss Everdeen comes as a tribute to her younger sister instead of her Prime, she never imagined she’d get this far. Indeed, her idea was to survive as long as possible in that arena of cruelty. And instead Katniss won and she did it cleverly, also dragging the podium with her Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), the other representative of District 12.

And it is together that they try to stop President Snow also in the following films. Neither The fire girl, released in 2013, both are forced to return to the arena to celebrate a special edition of the Hunger Games. But the revolt only kicks off in the last two films, Mockingjay Part I And Part II. Netflix offers an interesting opportunity to its subscribers, considering that soon the Hunger Games prequel film will delve more into the theme of the first hunger games, showing a slightly different world, even more cruel and ruthless, than the glossy one shown in the saga principal.

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