Hunger Games, The Tale of the Nightingale and the Serpent movie length revealed?

Among the most anticipated films of the fall season – the release, in fact, is scheduled for November 17 – The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Snake begins to reveal details. Based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins, who had already published a best-selling trilogy, which then led to a cinematic tetralogy starring Jennifer Lawrence The Tale of the Nightingale and the Snake it’s actually a prequel. The feature film is also set in the dystopian world of Panem (as in the novel). It goes without saying) focuses on a very young Snow (the President who in the main trilogy had the face and facial features Donald SutherlandThus, the viewer is transported to one of the first installments of The Hunger Games, the glory games, long before they became a hugely profitable television show, and decades before Katniss ignited the fires of rebellion.

The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Snake: here is the plot in detail

In particular, young Coriolanus Snow (played by Tom Blyth) represents the last hope for the reputation and health of the entire family, which, as we know, went from riches to rags after the war that led to the birth of the new capital. With the burden of his family on his shoulders and his own life in danger, Coriolanus is forced to become the mentor of young Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler), tribute coming from the twelfth arrondissement, the poorest of all.

The story takes place 64 years before the adventures of Katniss, Peeta and Gale. The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Snake Set during the Tenth Hunger Games, it shows the cruel President Snow at the dawn of his eighteenth birthday, when ambition and the desire to clear his name are the only things driving him to action. The film, shot, as we already said, based on a book released back in 2020, by director Francis Lawrencewho also directed the main trilogy.

How long is the film?

The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Snake is now picking up steam because it seems like the exact length of the film has already been revealed. Report the news as reported by the newspaper Soon, This is a post on X (new Twitter handle) made by Cryptic HD Quality, who writes that the film, which also starred Peter Dinklage AND Viola Davis – its duration will be two hours thirty-six minutes fifty-nine seconds. Information that seems to refute the start of the year date that the film will have a running time of around two hours and forty-five minutes. However, Lionsgate, the film’s production company, has not confirmed the veracity of this information, so it cannot be taken for granted that the film’s runtime is the same as on X, or that it is definitive in any way. Until there is official confirmation, it will remain in the realm of speculation. However, if the duration turns out to be correct and final, The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Snake effortlessly falls into the now increasingly universal case of extremely long films, which often require greater courage at the editing stage to eliminate scenes that then seem gimmicky on the big screen or that in any case risk losing the viewer’s attention. Attention, which, as we know, has a lower and weaker threshold. Let’s see if the same problem arises in the story of Coriolanus Snow and his tribute. However, for now, the only thing we can do is wait.

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