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Hunt: Showdown – Hunter St. John’s Wort DLC and New Map Teaser

Soon Hunt: Showdown will get a new map – “Desalles”. In the near future, it will appear on test servers, but for now, check it out in the themed trailer.

In addition, the game received a fresh addition – The Beast Hunter . It includes the weapons “Roar” (Romero 77 “Ax”) and “Bite” (crossbow), as well as the legendary hunter Theodore So, aka St. John’s wort:

Theodore Taka was tormented by a long-standing, seemingly endless nightmare. Always the same: So suddenly I found myself among a swamp covered with a foggy haze, and creatures swarmed around. They clicked with sharp teeth, and from their jaws into the marsh surface, scraps of foam fell in half with blood. The creatures growled and rushed to him, trying to dig into the meat and rip it off the bones. Sometimes there were hundreds, and sometimes only one … And every time he woke up, he found a fresh scar.

Taking dreams for a prediction of an evil fate, he decided to look fear in the face and bury it in the bud. Theodore Tuck went to wander through the fields, forests and mountains. He traveled all over the country until he met creatures from his nightmares in Louisiana. Hunting down swamp beasts and skillfully handling animals, he showed courage and proved his skill. However, when he began to tame the hellhounds, even the fellow Hunters found him too strange. These attempts gave Tak a bad name … and many new scars.

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