Hunter, director breaks silence on anticipated film comic: ‘It’s a tragedy’

Kraven the Hunter will be the next Marvel character to hit the big screen for the first time thanks to Sony’s new cinematic chapter of the Spider-Man universe.

Kraven is considered an anti-hero in every way and will be incarnated on this occasion. Aaron Taylor Johnson, a British star with extensive experience in the film comics industry. The Sony-branded project is gradually generating more and more curiosity, and over the past few hours we have been able to learn a little more about the character and his narrative path thanks to director JC Chandor.

In a recent interview, the director himself provided more of the tone and type of the story we shall see, confirming that it will be characterized by tragic elements:

Sony probably doesn’t want me to start with this, but its story it’s a tragedy. If you’ve been following the movie closely, then when you watch the credits, you definitely won’t get the feeling that all of this can turn out great.

The film, however, will not slavishly follow character origin is told in the Marvel books, as we were able to verify from the first official trailer for the film, which appeared a few weeks ago. Fans’ possible appreciation or otherwise of this storytelling option will be important in deciding whether the new Sony Pictures project will be considered a triumph or a flop.

The film was directed by JC Chandor while writing the script Matt Holloway, Art Markum AND Richard Wenk.

In addition to Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title role, Sergei Kravinoff said Craven, the cast of the film will include Russell Crowe as Nikolai Kravinoff, Kraven’s father; Ariana Debose as Calypso, Christopher Abbott in the role of the Wanderer; Alexander Nivola in the case of Aleksey Sitsevich, nicknamed Rhinoceros; Fred Hechinger in the role of Dmitry Smedyakov, aka Chameleon; AND Levi Miller like Sergei in his youth.

Distributed by Eagle Pictures, Kraven – Hunter will be released in theaters August 30, 2024.

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