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“Hunter’s Boon” – EVE Online Changes Announcement

On July 5, 2021, the EVE Online team released a special “Hunter’s Boon” material, highlighting a number of upcoming changes. The developers took into account the feedback from the players, compiling a list of key edits.

The announced changes will be installed after the “Pass through the portal” update, now there is active work on the implementation of changes and improvements. Will strengthen Enforcer and Pacifier, introduce mobile sabotage driving beacons. There will be special bonuses that reduce the limits of the neutralizer for interceptors.

Improve the stimulator of enhanced concealment, cancel the loss of skills of cruisers of the 3rd tech level. All edits will be checked on the Singularity PTS and will be released in the main game. Recently in the universe of space MMORPG launched a special service “EVE Academy” for beginners, allowing you to quickly understand the basics of gameplay.

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