Huracán’s scores after the victory against Patronato

El Globo beat him 1-0 with the shout of José Moya and recovered in the Professional League. The dream of qualifying for the Copa Sudamericana 2022 remains latent.

Hurricane Celebration

Marcos Diaz: 6. He covered a very good shot to Junior Arias in the first half, demanding down. He didn’t have much more involvement in the game.

Raúl Lozano: 6. One of the five changes that Frank Darío Kudelka arranged after the thrashing suffered against Estudiantes. It was constantly screened, although it lacked precision in the final meters.

Jose Moya: 6. He started conditioned by a yellow almost one minute into the game for a foul in the middle of the court after a long period of inactivity. He scored the winning goal and then had a crucial cross to sustain the victory.

Jonatan Galván: 6. He changed his profile due to the modifications and played with a changed leg. In the first part the Globe suffered for its area. He was able to convert on the stopped ball, but the stick prevented it. It also had a crucial close in the finale.

Cesar Ibanez: 4. He suffered with the imbalance of Delgadillo and Canteros. Patronato generated danger in the first half due to its tip.

James Hezze: 6. Critical in distribution. He stepped on the rival area and starred in the first risky situation at the end of the first half. He played the entire complement as the only containment midfielder, although Kudelka considers it internal, and he complied.

Fabian Henriquez: 3. He did not stand. Inaccurate in deliveries and positionally lost his zone. Replaced at halftime.

Franco Cristaldo: 5. Some sparks when they met Acevedo in the first half, but within a very poor collective performance.

Jonah Acevedo: 6. Acknowledgment for your insistence. It was offered permanently. The little that the team hinted at in the first half was from their diagonals and combinations with Cristaldo. He started as a right winger, since he says he feels more comfortable and ended up as an intern, where he had been playing.

Matías Cóccaro: 4. He hardly participated in the game. They did not supply him and he fought much more than he could gestate in attack.

Rodrigo Cabral: 3. It moved through most of the attack front, but without gravitation. He hardly went into action and was substituted at halftime.


Jhonatan Candia: 5. He demanded from the right wing, but lacked precision to turn it into goal situations.

Lucas Vera: 6. He generated a reaction from his individual imbalance.

Enrique Triverio: 5. Some interesting pivot, typical of his hierarchy, but without opportunities to convert and change the course of the party.

Nicolas Silva: 4. It entered at a time when the Board of Trustees was already closing the roads much more and did not uneven.

Patricio Toranzo: 7. He had not entered for 10 games and at the age of 39 he had 12 minutes to change the Ducó’s spirits, when the impatience of the fans was already felt. Assistance in a corner, a couple of tacos, almost converts and brushstrokes to cut the streak of three games without victories, lift the burners and get a great ovation.

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