Hurrah! Dark mode WhatsApp Skate and Here’s How to Activate it

240 – Finally! After more than a year, a hot topic was, WhatsApp officially announced the “dark” (dark-mode) was launched for iOS and Android at the same time. Reporting of for those of you with iOS-13, and Android 10, you can enable dark mode in the entire system.

With the presence of the dark mode, you are not afraid of a book need to be read in the night. According to WhatsApp developers, he has a dark mode, the long-awaited “to reduce eyestrain in low-light conditions”, and the elimination of the “embarrassing moments when your phone lights up the room.”has

In a blog post the new feature announces, even though it was launched in the app belongs to Facebook, including Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger goes into additional detail on why he chose a certain color used in the final Version.

Apparently, there are more Details to the process of development hinted at why WhatsApp takes a long time, the support of these functions.

“In the design of the dark-mode, we spent time in order to minimize the exploration of and experimentation with a focus on two specific areas, including the readability in the selection of the colors we wanted, eye fatigue and the color, the closer to the Standard system on the iPhone and Android. The hierarchy of information we want to help the user to easily focus your attention on each screen. We do this through the use of colors and other design elements to ensure to stand out the most important information,” explains the Creator of the application, so page Express, Wednesday (4/3/2020).

Dark mode should be available in the chat application, the you now. For those of you with Android devices or iOS devices with the OLED display, activate the new display will result in increased service life of the battery significantly. This is because of the way OLED panels, which requires no hand have to display shades of black.

It means that those who have an iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is an increase the battery life significantly.

Meanwhile, there are more options for Android fans, including Samsung, Google, Huawei and OnePlus all, that the use of OLED panels. A device that is affordable, it will not be.

Very create devices that are logged in at the entry level dear all, class can not support the new features of this WhatsApp.

What is important, dark mode, WhatsApp only works on iPhone with iOS 13 or more new. In other words, you have to run to the iPhone 6S (or later) can use.

Android devices with Android 10 see the WhatsApp dark mode if you select dark mode, the entire system from the drop-down quick-settings.

In contrast to iOS, previous Android versions is still compatible with dark mode, but must be enabled manually in WhatsApp.

This does not mean that you will be able to change automatically to dark mode based on the time of day, or the features of other smartphones in the Android settings 10.

Users of Android-9 go to WhatsApp and tap on settings> Chat – > Theme – > choose to enable the Dark mode.

Dark mode WhatsApp available now, have a try and enjoy the convenience of reading messages with this new feature.

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