Husband of Jessica Simpson stopped drinking when she hit the bottom


Jessica Simpson and family

The actress and businesswoman says that Eric Johnson’s “stopped drinking” when she took the path of sobriety in 2017.

Jessica Simpson reveals that her husband, Eric Johnson ‘stopped drinking’ when the singer ‘hit rock bottom’ and embarked on its process to sobriety in 2017

In the book of memories revealing of Jessica Simpson, Open Book, she spoke about her traumatic bonding of the alcohol.

Then, when the actress and entrepreneur of 39 years, embarked in his difficult journey to sobriety in 2017, her husband Eric Johnson ‘stopped drinking’ and the couple remained devoted to sobriety.

“It was No big thing for him to leave the drink for ever, and has not returned nor has he looked back,” said Simpson, beaming with pride.

“It is as it is. It is a very selfless and loving, the father is most incredible on the planet,” continued the singer in an excerpt shared by People on Wednesday.

Simpson married Eric Johnson in 2014 after four years of dating.

Eric Johnson, 40, is a former football player, who played wing closed for the San Francisco 49ers.

Share to her daughter Maxwell seven years, also of his son Ace, six, and her daughter Birdie 10 months.

It is expected that ‘Open Book’ hits the shops on the 4th of February, but Simpson has already taken the opportunity to share many of the details of the darkest of memories.

With respect to his addiction to the drink, the actress of ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ revealed that medical professionals had told them that their excessive drinking was a threat to his life.

“Was killing Me with all the drinking and the pills,” wrote Simpson

Then in November of 2017, the star took the decision to become sober.
Simpson’s account of an incident particularly disturbing to October 2017.

The singer and her husband are on their way to a school assembly to their daughter Maxwell, Jessica in the passenger seat.

“It was 7:30 in the morning and had already taken a drink”, he wrote.

Simpson believes that Halloween of 2017 was the day that touched his ‘bedrock’ staff, when she felt offended by their children to allow her to see her drunk, with a disguise of Willie Nelson that I did not know who had set it.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson and their children on Halloween 2017