Husband’s shocking revelation

One year may be enough. Thirteen months after the pharaoh’s “yes” with diamonds and four wedding rings, the new wedding dream of Britney Spears and her muscular boy, 29-year-old personal trainer Sam Asgari, who got married last June, has already come true. . In confirmation of the official failure of 41-year-old interpreter Ops’ latest love story, I did it again, there was a content request (obviously rich) sent to Britney by her now ex-husband, who came to a similar and serious decision later to a disagreement that the young man even identified as if they were “irreconcilable”. The breakup, complete with sealed documents already filed in court, was revealed by American celebrity gossip magazine TMZ. She is a multi-millionaire artist who has been in decline for more than a decade, with two already failed marriages behind her. The first, with childhood friend Jason Alexander, lasted less than three days in 2004.

In the middle of a marriage (also quite fast-paced, lasting three years), but much more demanding from a legal point of view, which Britney shared between 2004 and 2007 with rapper Federline. Just enough time to have children, Sean Preston, now almost 18, and Jayden James, a year younger, who, according to the divorce decree, cost Spears $60,000 a month in support, although the father transferred full custody. It is said that this will be no less than a dispute that will finally mark the end of what really seemed like one of the weddings of the year last year. Spears and Asghari actually seemed inseparable, even if in recent weeks Sam seems to have become more and more distant from his wife also because the woman, in fits of anger, seems to have often raised her hands to the husband whom she “risked” last year ยป also give birth to a child who was later lost due to a miscarriage.

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The prenuptial agreement will also affect the end of the relationship now. The reason Britney chose Laura Wasser, a Los Angeles-based celebrity divorce lawyer whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Kevin Costner and Johnny Depp, is her attorney. The document that Britney would force her husband to sign to keep her sizable $60 million worth of assets would be in her ex-husband’s sights, which, according to a Page Six column in the New York Times. The York Post will look for every nitpick to make it futile, as well as specifically use the threat of revealing “extremely embarrassing” details for Britney. For which, those who know are ready to bet, there will be nothing left but to bow their heads and sign a solid check that will silence the adored ex-husband, who quickly became another unwanted burden in the sad life of his wife. who she was the Stars and Stripes Queen of Pop.

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