Hype House, how did the original members of the house become?

Do you remember the members of the first Hype House? Are you curious to find out how they became and what they do now?

Do you remember the members of the first Hype housewhich they belonged to Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio and his sister Dixie? Are you curious to find out how they became and what they do now? They all stayed on social media, but some * have been more successful than others. Some * are getting married, others * have broken up.

The founder of the Hype House, Thomas Petrou he is the only member of the original house to still be a part of it. Compared to 2019 she worked a lot on her body. He is continuing his car collection, which continues to expand more and more. The collection includes cars such as the Lamborghini Urus and a Ferrari SF 90, valued at €210,000 and €427,930 respectively. As far as the relationship status of him is engaged to Mia Hayward for more than three years now.

A Co Founder of the Hype House was Daisy Keech. If you’re wondering who it is, don’t worry because you’re not the only ones. In fact, Daisy almost immediately left the content house because she saw something rotten in it. After paying her dues for the house, she was kicked out, and most importantly, no one ever gave her credit for her contribution.. Daisy had already predicted that the Hype House project would quickly disintegrate. In fact, after 3 years, the house has only 4 members. Now Daisy is in charge of workouts. Her abs workouts have taken TikTok by storm and helped so many people achieve the body shape she craves. (click here for the video)

The last Co Founder of the house was Chase Hudson. Lately Chase has given less attention to social media to devote himself to his greatest passion: music. He has done several concerts, attracting many * fans. His performances even led him to sing with Dove Cameron. Among his latest songs we find “All The Things I Hate About You“, which seems to be dedicated to his ex Charli D’Amelio. He also recently changed that iconic haircut that has been distinguishing him since 2019!

Calvin Goldby, instead continues with his ironic videos, as he did previously. Currently he is still very close to 3 other friends of the Hype HouseAlex Warren, girlfriend Kouvr Annon and Patrick Huston. Connor Yates instead, having also moved away from house, he also stopped making his typical ironic vlogs on YouTube. Patrick Houstonlike Calvin, remained close friends with Alex and Kouvr in fact the couple appears in many of his videos.

Between two former members of the house, however, there continues to be a great feeling. Alex Warren And Kouvr Annon they are, in fact, recently engaged! After years Alex has finally fulfilled his girlfriend’s dream. The two live together in their home in LA, along with all their pets. They have new friends, but have kept in contact with almost all the guys in the Hype house. Alex is now also dedicated to music. He recently wrote a song beautiful for her parents: “Chasing Shadows“.

Also AddisonRae she was one of the first members of this content house. How to sum up everything that happened to her in 2022! He released a dolland became part of the very famous video game: Final Fantasy. Then it turned out that his father cheated on his mother. Her mom had a fake fling with an American rapper and her MakeUp brand was recently taken off the market. Let’s hope his 2023 will only get better!

Nick Austin And Ryland Sorm they continue to be very close friends and see each other from time to time, even together with Chase Hudson. Their trio was truly one of the Hype House’s best, if not the best! Nick now spends very little time on social media. While Ryland continues to be quite active and to devote himself, as always, to the skate. They are both engaged, Nick even with Madison Beer!

How to forget about brothers Lopez! The couple of dancers who had broken into the hearts of many * teenagers. The first scandal that hit Tony Lopezhas done nothing but increase their fame. Ondreaz Lopez he had even released a song that was trending on TikTok. Then the allegations of abuse began which led the two to distance themselves from social networks for a long time. Their fame then gradually began to wane. Now, however, they both continue their careers on TikTok, dancing, as they always have. Furthermore, they are both currently single.

Another pair of brothers lived in the content house, the Wright twins! Now unfortunately they are separated, but only physically. In fact, since 2020 James Wright was admitted to the university of Stanford. Jack, however, continues to focus heavily on his online career. A few months ago he moved in with Vinnie Hacker and some other guys.

Also Avani Gregg it was part of the Hype House for a while. She had them time to bond very much with Charli D’amelio. The two, after some time apart, seem to have remained friends. Unfortunately, recently, however, Avani broke up with her longtime boyfriendAnthony Reeves, after years of relationship.

Two other sisters lived in the house, the D’Amelios! How many things have changed for them too. Charlie in that time she became the most followed person on TikTok, and was until recently. After a continuous backfire with ChaseCharli finally got engaged to Landon Barker. While Dixie And recently single again. Charli D’Amelio also participated in “dancing with the Stars“, which he won, by the way. While Dixie, she is slowly continuing her music career. Pure Charli released her first song: “if you ask me to“. Their career always seems to be uphill and we can’t wish him better.

Did you remember all the members of the Hype House? Here are the photos of how they have changed!

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