Hytale’s promising sandbox will no longer be released until 2023

Hytale’s roots stretch back to the server in Minecraft – it proved so popular that a team of amateur developers founded Hypixel Studios and began to transform their brainchild into a standalone game. It was once planned that the launch of Hytale will take place in 2021, but now the plans have changed.

The studio suggests that Hytale won’t be out until 2023 (or even later). There are two reasons for the postponement: first, the team felt more confident and scaled up the project; secondly, the stake on multiplatform has increased. Hypixel believes that the entire Hytale community should play together regardless of their device, but it will take a lot of production time to implement global crossplay.

New composition from Hytale soundtrack:

According to the developers, the first half of 2021 was a period of great change for both the studio and the game. Hypixel continued to hire new employees and also changed the approach to manufacturing – instead of research work, the team switched to focused task execution. As a result, many of Hytale’s features have been significantly transformed. Among others:

  • The character customization system has expanded.
  • The combat system was built from scratch: now each type of weapon has unique features and techniques, and sounds and visual effects better emphasize the power of blows.
  • The AI ​​system is built on modules, allows each creature to act differently depending on its behavior, and also allows NPCs to make smarter decisions in battle. AI will not behave perfectly – the authors want to achieve unpredictability so that, say, enemies sometimes make mistakes. In this case, the NPCs seem more alive, the developers say.

Hypixel warns that it will start communicating with the community less often: for example, it will stop posting screenshots every week – they no longer reflect the significant transformations that Hytale is currently going through.


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