‘I accept and embrace who I am’: Miss Colombia Universe María Fernanda Aristizábal believes in self-love by showing off the cellulite, stretch marks and acne that accompanied her at 26 | People | Entertainment

María Fernanda Aristizábal expresses self-love and acceptance by sharing photos of her own physical flaws. Although she was named to represent the country at the Miss Universe competition in New Orleans in April 2022, she admitted her looks were never enough for her.

The green-eyed young blonde’s beauty has placed her in the Miss Universe 2022 round of 16 semifinals, with American R’Bonney Gabriel as the winner.

Today, as he prepares to win the national title on Sept. 2, he showed his true colors, with cellulite marks and stretch marks on parts of his body. She also proudly shows off her natural face and the acne that comes with it.

Maria Fernanda Aristizawa shows off her makeup-free face. Photo: Instagram @mafearistizabalu.

Natural photos of María Fernanda Aristizábal

The Colombian beauty queen can boast of her enormous physical appeal, but the reality is stark, as current Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel did last May when she showed off some no-filter photos on Instagram . “Hello Universe! Hello Cellulite,” prefaces the photo of the Queen of the Universe, in which she shows off the marks on her skin.

This time, Aristizavar followed in the American’s footsteps with a post on her body featuring a series of photos that exposed her flaws as she passed by.

“These photos are still the ones we want to look good, reality will always be different and that’s what I want to write to you today,” said Miss Columbia, 26.

In a wide-ranging message, Maria Fernanda Aristizabal addressed her struggles with her body, attributing her disagreements to “unfounded insecurities from childhood,” as well as on “I think that defines my comments” or her “fear of not fitting into a society”. Beautiful industry.

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She admits her dream has always been to be a beauty queen, but she also admits she has a bad relationship with “food or sports”. Still, his goal was achieved thanks to a body he once felt dissatisfied with.

“What an irony that despite my disdainful words in front of the mirror, my body never stopped supporting me and I was able to enjoy this healthy life, every kilo, stretch marks, cellulite, sagging, acne and he Add that there are thousands of other things we’re ashamed of.

Now she decides to continue to build her self-esteem while also being a voice of encouragement for herself, so she posted photos of small marks on her face, wrinkles on her buttocks, and other wrinkles. There are certain movements of her body parts.

This is a miracle infusion for cellulite and weight loss.

“Today I tell my body that it doesn’t have to look like anyone else, that I accept and embrace myself for who I am, that its worth is not defined by external perception, nor by the curves or marks it has. Body , thank you for being my home, I care about you and I will always take care of you,” he concluded in the inspirational message, which quickly reached nearly 100,000 people. like and hundreds of comments praising his bravery. (and)

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