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“I always felt inferior,” Selena Gomez reveals how she overcame her past relationships | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY. – The renowned American singer-songwriter, producer and actress, Selena Gomez, recently opened up about his past relationships in an interview with Vogue Australia, where she referred to her experiences with men as “cursed”.

I think most of my relationships have been cursed. I was too young to be so exposed to certain things when I started having a boyfriend. I guess I needed to find what that word (Rare) meant to me, because I always felt inferior in my relationships, I never looked the same as them,” Gomez told the magazine.

The longest relationship he had Selena Gomez was with the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, which lasted seven years. Throughout their courtship, rumors of infidelity and strong couple arguments were unleashed.

After his breakup with the performer of “Baby“, the singer has been linked to celebrities such as Zack Efron, Zedd, Charlie Puth, but the only confirmed romance she had was with The Weeknd, with whom he spent ten months and who, according to Gomez, was his biggest support when he was diagnosed Lupus.


During the interview, Selena Gomez confessed that the word “Rare” he described a life he wanted to live instead of what he was already experiencing, he confessed:

“It wasn’t even necessarily like, ‘Oh, I feel that way, let me sing it.’ It was almost like, ‘Actually, I need to feel that way about myself,’ the actress said.

Finally, Selena she commented that some of the factors that helped her get ahead was the unconditional support of her family and closest friends, who, according to the singer, were with her at the “most critical moments of her mental health”.

The interpreter also confessed that, at the moment she felt “exceptional” was when she managed to start loving herself and decided to create her cosmetics brand “Rare Beauty“.

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