“I am grateful that he was in my life, I will never forget him”

With a long post posted on Instagram, Lady Gaga wanted to honor her friend Tony Bennett, an artist who died on July 21 at the age of 96.

Lady Gaga remembers Tony Bennett: "I am grateful that he was in my life, I will never forget him."

Many in recent days have remembered the disappearance Tony Bennett, the last great singer. The most exciting memories come primarily from his colleagues, among whom we find Michael Bublé, with whom he recorded “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” and “Just in Time”, Paul McCartney and Elton John.

However, yesterday Lady Gaga also wanted to remember her friend. The two began collaborating in 2011 with the single “The Lady Is a Tramp” and then returned to the music scene together, first releasing the album “Cheek to Cheek” in 2014 and then the last big album “Love for Sale” in 2021. , where Bennett had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for several years.

Memories of Lady Gaga

After a period of silence, Lady Gaga wanted to remember Tony Bennett:my friend i will miss him forever. I will miss singing with him, recording with him, talking with him, being on stage together. We were transported to another era, together we modernized the music and gave everything a new life as a duo. But it was not a play. Our relationship was very real. Sure, he taught me about music, about life in show business, but he also showed me how to keep my spirits up and my fucking head up. “Always straight,” he said..

Lady Gaga recalls how, despite a difference of five decades, age did not matter in their relationship, and then recalls the difficult period associated with Alzheimer’s: “He was my real friend. Our age difference didn’t matter, in fact it gave each of us something that none of us had with most people. Losing Tony to Alzheimer’s it was painful, but it was also very good. The era of memory loss is such a sacred moment in a person’s life. Such a feeling of vulnerability and a desire to maintain dignity. All I wanted was for Tony to remember how much I love him and how good I am. I’m grateful to have him in my life. I will never forget this experience. I will never forget Tony Bennett“.

With the latest album “Love for Sale” Tony Bennett finally passed the “torch” to Lady Gaga, who, along with other jazz artists, should bring this music to the smallest. In fact, a few hours later on this post, the New York-based singer announced the return of the event.”Jazz and pianoin Las Vegas for 12 performances between August 31 and October 5, 2023, in which he brings almost exclusively songs from the Great American Songbook.

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