“I am Khabane”: Chivassés Khabi Lem presents his debut

,It is a great pleasure to present this project, which I love, with the works of many collaborators, in such a wonderful setting as the ancient theater of Taormina.,

Here we are. Tuesday 27 June The short film will be officially presented”i’m eating”, Khabi Lem, the first king of social media, the most famous Chiwese in the world.

A short made by Khabi, who has tried his hand at direction, will be presented at the “Influential Shorts” evening.

From the virtual reality of TikTok (over 142 million followers) and Instagram (80 million) to the iconic Taormina Film Festival 2023: Preparing to make directorial debut amidst big film stars like Khabi Johnny Depp which will present “Jean Du Barry – The King’s Favourite”. Harrison Ford And phoebe waller-bridge who will present “Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny”.

Known for his funny TikTok videos and his famous expressions in ‘life hacking’ videos, 23-year-old Khabi Lam has earned the title of ‘creator’ with the most followers.

She’s a real star now (His net worth is estimated to be between $1.3 million to $2.7 millioned), so much so that he was selected as a judge for the next edition “Italia’s Got Talent”Aired on Disney+.

But his exploits do not stop here.

Khabi Lem of Chivasso, who is originally from Senegal and who recently became an Italian citizen in “his” Chivasso – he lived with his family in the Borgo Sud East district from the age of 7 to 21 – to was invited Bella ThorneThe protagonist of the teen drama “Famous in Love”, to attend the Taormina Film Festival.

,Khabi is extremely creative and out of the ordinary, these are his distinguishing characteristics. I am fortunate to have his voice at this extraordinary evening that I am hosting.Bella Thorne said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

,We are thrilled to bring Khabi to Taormina for the festivities“, commented Barrett Wiseman, co-artistic director of the program.”It is essential for us to always attract young and new audiences through new media. Khabi helps us to include fans of various nationalities, youth, international and Italian in our historic celebration,

Who doesn’t know Khabi Lam yet?

Khabi Lam definitely needs no introduction now.

His popularity soared in 2021 when his short videos and “wordless” humor infected TikTok users during the pandemic. After losing his job at a factory in the Chivasse area, Khabi found success.

In his videos, with his natural irony, he tackles complex everyday problems, known as “life hacks”, solving them in his own way with his now famous silent and talkative faces, which have gone viral. have become He is now the most followed TikToker in the world, even breaking the record charlie d’amelio,

From social media star to red carpet, Khabi Lam has carved her niche in show business.

In August 2021, he co-starred in the announcement of the purchase of Juventus manual locate And the following month he was a guest at the Venice Film Festival, where he attended the first screening of the film “Illusioni Perdue”. xavier giannoli,

He has currently moved from Chivasso to Milan and in the latest social media stories it is clear that the videos were recorded in America (Miami?).

Khabib has signed a multi-year partnership deal with Hugo Boss and introduces his image as the hero of the comic “Super Easy”. But that’s not all: last year he was at the European Parliament, where he received the “Fashion Wears Peace” award from the African Fashion Gate organization and was selected as a member of the Cannes Film Festival jury to evaluate the short film competition. ,

But is Khabi Lam engaged?

It is currently unclear whether Khabi Lam and Zaira Nucci are still together or not.

Jaira Nucci and Khabi Lam in a picture posted on social media some time ago

Zaira has not been seen on Khabi’s social profiles for some time now and the collection of pictures appearing on TikTok’s Instagram profile has been removed.

Zaira Nucci, originally from Sciacca (in the province of Agrigento), Sicilian, then moved with her family to Chivasso. Born in 2003, he studies at IED in Milan.

He plays guitar and has a very active Instagram profile with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The two met in Chivasso when Khabib was not so famous. The girl replied to one of Khabi’s stories and from that moment on they started exchanging messages on the social network. Later, Khabi made the first move and asked her out – the first date was at McDonald’s.

Almost like a movie. Actually, as in the movie “the prince is looking for a wife” Together Eddie Murphy. It all comes back.

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