I Am Legend, Jurassic World Dominion Chosen by Internet for Wasteful Ending

Title: Movie Fans Disappointed by Some Movies’ Conclusions

An online debate about the films’ unsatisfactory conclusions has revealed several key titles, most notably I Am Legend and Reign of Jurassic World. I Am Legend is famous for its alternate ending that changes the film’s disappointing ending. In the theatrical ending, Will Smith’s character Robert Neville sacrifices himself to save two more survivors of the post-apocalyptic world and a cure for a virus plaguing humanity. Instead, Dominion Over Jurassic World is about how humans and dinosaurs can coexist.

Recently, Reddit user w_paskee posted a thread asking users for examples of films whose conclusions made the whole experience a waste of time. Overall, many users seemed to agree that the conclusions of 2022’s Jurassic World Power and 2007’s I Am Legend were some of the most disappointing. However, other titles have been proposed, including “The Devil Within” and “Wonder Woman”. Here are some comments on unsatisfactory conclusions:

Feminist Lobster:

“The Devil Within movie ends with a link to a website that no longer exists. So that’s probably the biggest waste of time.”


“The original theatrical finale of ‘I’m Legend’. He had all these prophecies and allusions to the true end, and then they changed him because the research team thought he was stupid.”


Horizon lines. I mean, the movie is a waste of time, but the ending, or rather the post-credits scene, makes you think, “You could have been doing this all this time!” Why didn’t you do it!?”


“Jurassic World Dominion”. The movie makes it clear that dinosaurs are a problem and then closes with “We’re going to have to learn to live with each other!” They also show this incredibly stupid scene where a giant aquatic dinosaur swims next to a whale, as if to show that “now they live together!” When, of course, he eats a whale. No, we don’t have to learn to coexist, we have to destroy every dinosaur with extreme determination. There can’t be that many because they don’t multiply that fast. No biologist in the world would look at this situation and say, “Oh yes, let’s leave the dinosaurs behind” because they are wreaking havoc on all the ecosystems of the world.”


“‘Wonderful Woman’. I was literally screaming this on TV and pissed my husband off all night. When we learned that the STUDIO REQUESTED A REVIEW OF THE CONCLUSION, we were left with a terrible conclusion that nullifies the whole idea of ​​Wonder Woman.”


“‘Glass’. Saw the movie during the preview, was very intrigued by the first two acts…only to see the last act as the most disappointing escape I’ve ever seen in a movie. I never left the theater feeling like more deceived.”


“‘Law Abiding Citizen.'” Oh my God, for a moment I thought everyone was learning a valuable lesson about the flaws in the justice system. It’s a good thing that didn’t happen!


“The Last Jedi”. The First Order developed a device to track the speed of light. Resistance cannot escape him. Fin and Rose go on a one-hour mission to a gambling planet to find a hacker who can disable the device. They can’t find the hacker. They find Benicio Del Toro’s character, who says he can help them… but then betrays the resistance. The entire hour-long scene of a hacker looking for a gambling planet could have been removed from the movie without having any effect on the overall outcome of the movie. At the time, I wondered if the intention was to introduce Benicio Del Toro as the new villain… but his character isn’t even mentioned in the next movie.”

The audience’s assessment of the story is subjective, but many of the films included in the list are recognized as having disappointing conclusions. One title in particular, found in 2012’s The Devil Within, is notable in this regard as it ends in the middle of the action and invites viewers to visit the website to find out more. A possible sequel or re-release has not been announced, so it’s unlikely that the particular disappointment will ever be properly addressed.

Likewise, some of the mentioned endings, including 2017’s Wonder Woman, have been confirmed with sequels that continue them as canon. However, others, such as The Last Jedi, were canceled or ignored by their sequels. In addition, it is possible that some of the other conclusions mentioned in the topic may be canceled or changed.

Any sequels or alternate re-releases could help redefine the endings of some of these games that don’t have them yet, including Glass and Law Abiding Citizen (of which a sequel is in development). They will be joined by I Am Legend as a sequel based on an alternate ending is in development. However, Jurassic World Power will most likely not get a sequel unless the series undergoes a full reboot, given the global implications of the film’s finale.

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