“I am loved, dad.” The father of Nastya Kamensky died

At the age of 81, the father of Nastya Kamenskikh died (Photo: @ kamenskux / Instagram)

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh has lost her father Alexei Iosifovich. She wrote about this on her Instagram page, posting a touching video with him.

Nastya Kamensky’s father died. Alexei Iosifovich was 81 years old. She spoke about her loss on Instagram, published a touching video. On it, she, along with her mother and father, celebrates 2021, and Alexey Iosifovich wishes her to be loved in the new year.

In her post, she asked her father to come to him more often in dreams and added that she was loved by her husband.

“ I am loved, dad … I have always been loved by you, and now by my husband! I remember that love is the most important thing! You taught me to love, and I will teach my children! Thanks for being my dad! The kindest, most fun, caring, interesting, intelligent, wise, and strong! Please come to me more often in dreams. I love you, dad! ”

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