‘I am never’ could be the first top 1 in singles for C. Tangana in Spain – jenesaispop.com


C. Tangana accumulate several gold and platinum discs for their singles in Spain, of ‘Bad women’ to ‘Booty’ with Becky G to ‘Well hard’, ‘Crying in the limo’ lately ‘are Not you should kiss’ with Paloma Mommy or plan sleeper ‘Before you die’ with Rosalie. But it has never actually reached number 1 in the official list of singles in our country except as a co-author of a theme for Rosalia, as ‘Say my name’, remaining in several occasions in several places in the top 5.

This Friday I published a topic that is very atypical called ‘I am Never’ that they did not know what could happen. Is produced by Nineteen85, yes, but also contains nods to Alejandro Sanz, Rosario and audio from WhatsApp. Let’s say that it is not their song with the most obvious. And what is happening is that it is functioning as a “sleeper”: the theme has pululado in the top 5 of Spotify Spain since his departure, climbing to number 1 on the day of the Monday, staying in that place this Tuesday. It is still too early to find out if you will be able to dethrone ‘Safaera’ Bad Bunny, the current number 1 officer, or if you take the cat to the water ‘Tell me bbsita’ of Robledo and Alex Martini, also on the rise these days.

The radios are not being fundamental in the promotion of ‘I am Never’, but his performance on Youtube and its inclusion in playlists key Spotify. After being promoted in lists with as many subscribers as News Friday Spain or New Music Friday Latin, this week has been added to the largest of all, “Success in Spain”, in the first place, in front of 2 million subscribers.

C. Tangana yes it has been number 1 officially in Spain with ‘Idol’ as with ‘Life Dollars’, in both cases in the table of “streaming”. We’ll see if this ballad is removed the thorn in “songs”.