“I am not storming the Capitol, but changing the world.” Lana del Rey responded to allegations of racism after the release of the new video

Lana del Rey has been criticized online (Photo: Instagram.com/lanadelray)

Lana del Rey has released a new video for the song Chemtrails Over The Country Club and announced the release of the self-titled album in the spring. Its cover became the reason that the singer was criticized on social networks.

January 11 on YouTube-Channel actress came out the new video, which is five days collected more than 6.5 million views and more than 515,000 marks ” like.” In the caption to the video, del Rey indicated that the new self-titled album will be released on March 19.

Even before its release, the release caused a scandal. Earlier in her Instagram, the singer published the cover of the upcoming album. The public was outraged that the performer is depicted surrounded by ten girls, but among them there is not a single black one. Because of this, the artist was accused of racism and discrimination against the colored population.


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In the comments, the singer had to explain that the photo shows her close friends. Some of them, by the way, have Mexican roots. The performer also emphasized that she has always been an inclusive person and is trying to change the world through love and art, and not negativity:

“ As for my wonderful friends on this cover: yes, there are people of color in this photo, and that’s all I can say about that. My beautiful friend Valerie from Del Rio, Mexico, my best friend Alex, and my gorgeous friend Dakota Raine, and my beloved Tatiana – they are my friends and my life. We all combine beauty in ourselves, someone to a greater extent, and I have always noted this in everything I did. In 11 years of work, I have always been an extremely inclusive person, without even trying on purpose.

My best friends are rappers, I had guys who were rappers. My closest friends come from many different countries, so before you comment on the WOC / POC ( Woman of color / Person of color) issue again, I am not storming the capital, but literally changing the world by expressing your life, thoughts, and love, sitting at the table 24/7. Respect it, “the singer wrote in the comments.

Lana del Rey responded to allegations of racism / Photo: Instagram screenshot

By the way, in an interview with BBC radio, del Rey said that she has many problems, but inclusiveness is not one of them. “You can’t just go and make it my problem. My friends, my family, everyone, my whoever … they are all diverse, and we are not the ones who stormed the Capitol. We voted for Biden, ”the singer shared.

We will remind, recently Lana del Rey succumbed to harsh criticism for appearing at a meeting with fans in a mesh mask.