“I am stronger than before”

They gave him very little time. According to calculations by the medical team, the chance of cure is no more than 5%. However, broke all statistics: Lee Trautman not only recovered, but months later, he felt “stronger than ever.” That’s saying a lot about him: The 20-year-old works as a personal trainer and has always been in great shape.

But there’s a bracket to this course. After Trautman went to see a doctor, his work and other conditions were stopped.The American from Georgia is known as a “fitness fanatic” who wears Night sweats, fatigue, and liver pain. After multiple consultations and tests, she was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, an immune deficiency disease also known as HLH. Simply put, it is a malignant internal inflammation that causes organ inactivation.

A few months later, he received another related diagnosis: He had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and the cancer has spread The four lobes of the brain, brainstem, spine, liver, ribs and buttocks. Therefore, the prognosis is very negative. However, he wants to know what happened to him and tries to move on.

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“When I was diagnosed, I was working 12 hours a day. I was opening the gym at five o’clock and training with clients non-stop. And then I even did my own personal training. So. I thought my unusual symptoms were just a result of my job Too much,” the young man commented.

When clinical conclusions arrive, routines change. By force. “Once I was diagnosed, things quickly got worse: My eyes and skin are turning yellow due to liver failure. I couldn’t walk, talk, eat, nothing. I’m not quite sure what happened either. “I didn’t fall into a coma, but my thoughts were confused,” he told the English-language newspaper. Mirror.

All of this hit him gradually: Trautman went to the doctor in October 2021 and was diagnosed with mononucleosis, followed by HLH in December, and HLH in January 2022 For non-Hodgkin lymphoma. One winter, his life fell into an abyss: The horizon darkens and he loses half his weight. On the scale, the number was astonishing: 46 kilograms.

“The doctors didn’t believe I would survive. My mother and I found a doctor who agreed to take on my case. He gave me hope and a 5 percent chance of survival. He said, If she was to survive lymphoma and aggressive cancer treatments, she would need a bone marrow transplant.. After that, I have a 70% chance of getting over it,” he commented in a British newspaper.

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The young man was preparing to receive a bone marrow transplant when his lungs collapsed. They did it twice. They had to put him on a respirator. They placed a feeding tube. Eventually, they took him off oxygen, but he had to go through Months of rehabilitation to regain weight and muscle mass. In the meantime, he continued receiving chemotherapy in preparation for surgery.

“They wanted me to be strong enough to withstand a bone marrow transplant. During that time, I learned to do almost everything againfrom walking to eating. I also received over 50 platelets and blood transfusions,” Trautman said.

As Trautman recalled, he underwent “too many courses of chemotherapy” and “multiple radiation treatments to my brain.”I didn’t remember them then, and Looking back now, it’s so shocking. “I do suffer from some post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which I talk to a counselor about a lot,” he said.

Shortly after, on May 24, 2022, he received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. From there, a few weeks later, Although he had to quarantine for 200 days, he has been discharged from the hospital To avoid infection, 63 medications must be taken every day. This prevents graft rejection and recurrence of HLH.

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“It’s too much, but I know these medications are necessary. Quarantine has tested my sanity. It’s hard not seeing anyone for 200 days.” I felt lonely and it made me miss my time in the hospital.I was constantly with doctors, nurses and therapists,” the protagonist recalls.

It was worth it: Now, the disease is in remission. Although, as he puts it, the trip was “heartbreaking.”It’s not over yet: It’s not over yet You must go to the center for inspection once a month And still get tested regularly. “The hospital saved my life, but I hope I never have to go back,” Trautman said with resignation.

“A few weeks ago I took my dog ​​to the vet because he was sick and It triggers all sorts of feelings and emotions within me.. I have flashbacks. I look forward to the day when these memories are gone. ” adds the man who has returned to his temple, the gym, as he often shows on Instagram. There he shows his progress without sparing moments full of marks and needles. The absolute value of the current .

Trautman admitted that when he was admitted, he spent “a lot of time writing down my goals.” “sometimes They just got up and brushed my teeth.. I feel great now. I feel happy. “I feel normal,” said one person who had a gemstone phrase tattooed on him. “I would sacrifice myself for the people I love.”

As Lee Trautman said, he was living his “best life.” “I have I’m back in the gym, I have a job, and I’m excited about the future.. If anyone is going through something similar, stay strong, keep fighting and don’t give up. If the doctor gives up, find a new doctor. When the statistics were against him, he made it a steadfast philosophy that he had long defended.

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