“I am uncovered”: Francois Berleand talks about his very complicated financial situation


Actor well known to the French, Francois Berleand has this Wednesday, January 13 agreed to confide in his financial situation … very critical.

Invited on the set of Jordan de Luxe for Non-Stop People to talk about his vision of the health crisis and his career, Francois Berleand also took the opportunity to discuss his perpetually critical financial situation.

At 68, the actor no longer intends to let it go and loves to say what he thinks whenever he wants. And when we evoke the subject of vaccines, he does not hesitate to get angry with those who criticize him and campaign, “If there had not been the vaccine against rabies, there would have been thousands and thousands of dead and there are morons who think we shouldn’t get vaccinated. Too bad for them, what do you want me to tell you. People who don’t believe in science are morons because it’s not based on anything. Science is based on something, on objective facts. When you’re against the vaccine, it’s like Jehovah’s Witnesses who are against antibiotics, vaccines … “.

A health crisis that he would like to see disappear as soon as possible, thanks to the vaccine since Francois Berleand admits, times have been tough in recent months. Indeed, if he has shot in great French and American films like Le Transporteur 2, during which he was paid ”  20,000 per day of shooting  ” for five days, he admits, his current financial situation is not really on the right track, “I manage more in the open than anything else. I have four children and I wanted my children to each have an apartment. My older children have an apartment, they are there. And my two 12-year-old twins I’m paying interest on. I am in the open perpetually. It’s life! For a year now, it’s been difficult for everyone, but it’s also difficult for the actors “.

If the health crisis has worsened his situation, with the stopping of filming and theaters in question, it is also his very generous side which sometimes plays tricks on him, ” Since I have been known, I have been allowed a discovered, I have one. If my friends are in trouble, I help them. As my mother said to me: ‘Never lend money, give it’ so there you go.