I as in a bikini, it shows a moment mate, with his two sons in a swimming pool


This Friday, on 10. april, I published a moment of complicity, together with his sons. You discovered, with the train of fun in your pool. The two boys splash fun, your mom.

She sings but his family, his priority. And during this time, containment I as uses the opportunity to have time with his family and enjoy more such moments with her. To share moments of tenderness and joy, that’s the kicker Slimane never hesitate, his fans, for the joy of it. On Friday, 10. the mom of 37 years, unveiled a new video of her with her two sons. From discover a video TikTok the platform, which caused a sensation in this time. The three of you can enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures for fun in the pool, with the music in the background. The wife of Hicham Bendaoud basks on air mattress, while his little of course, for the benefit of, and injection molding. And it is clear that the lessons of swimming and teasing their mom, Liham and Adam burst at any moment.

The subscribers are fans of the videos I have as

Had a lot of fun to have the sons of I as, your subscribers can’t help but share their reactions :” I believed they would drop you into the water “, “ Enjoy beautiful family “,” They are beautiful in the family “,” If you go to the mother of two boys in the pool, without getting wet, there is not “. But the family, I have as not the is not the only thing, to remember his fans. Fascinated by the beauty of the winner of the victory of the music, his admirers let him also messages adorable such as :” Give us your secret to a bomb like you “, “ Still nice “,” You’re not too good, it is possible “. You will understand I as a fact, the unanimity in the hearts of his audience.