I assure you that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will have a girl!


In came the first suspicions that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik could be expecting their first baby, the fans quickly began to investigate the possible tests to confirm the pregnancy of the famous model. The result?

They rapidly identified that at the most recent birthday party 25 Gigi Hadid, the model, your sister, your mom and Zayn appeared holding a pair of mysterious balloons silver of seemingly ordinary but in reality they had a detail very suspect: they were fastened by a blue ribbon and another pink!

As was expected, quickly emerged theories suggesting that these cleats was proof that the celebration of the birthday of Gigi had been, at the same time, their gender reveal party, where gave to know the sex of the baby that she and the ex-member of One Direction they expect.

And although some users of social networks, betting that the safest thing was that the power couple had a child (because the top model has decided to publish the photo in which appears embraced of Zayn and she only pose with the globe of blue ribbon) other people said even that they could be expecting twins, as Yolanda Hadid (mother of Gigi) shared a photo of his daughter holding the two balloons with lots of happiness.