“I came up with Anna Nicole Smith and Carla Bruni. But I said no to Monica Bellucci” – Corriere.it

Not a simple talent scout, but an inventor of divas, even to the point of choosing a new name for him. He also did this for Anna Nicole Smith, who was actually called Vicki Lynn Hogan, as stated in Netflix documentary You Don’t Know Me focuses on a supermodel died at the age of 39, at the height of his fame. “I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I definitely remember Anna Nicole,” says Paul Marciano, creative genius, founder of Guess, along with his brothers. on holiday in Forte dei Marmi on the occasion of the opening of his new store The flagship store of Marciano by Guess, the brand’s most exclusive line.

Born in Morocco in 1952, Marciano grew up in Marseille and became a naturalized American. philanthropist and inventor of the e brand from a series of ad campaigns featuring women he selected and promoted as divas. “Ann Nicole Smith was a waitress from San Antonio, Texas.. I met her in the toy store, she was with her son Daniel, I asked her who this child was: “My son, sir.” She always said, sir, she was beautiful and scared of what seemed like a world bigger than herself. “Call me Paul,” I told her. And she’s like, “Okay, sir.” Even when I advised her to change her name, she nodded. Over time, I taught her to say no, I wanted her to be strict.

Guest of the Bocelli family in his new residence Villa Alpebella, where he presented the autumn-winter collection, this time Marciano combines his international DNA with Italian glamour, choosing Versilia as the place to tell their story. “We are in one of the most sophisticated places, with elegant but not brash women and men who wear sweaters over the shoulder: the world I want to talk to is made up of people with charisma.” A characteristic that has united all the women he has chosen over the past 30 years. Sequence of images from 1981 to the present: from sixteen-year-old Carla Bruni to Claudia Schiffer. and then Valeria Mazza, Carré Otis, Eva Herzigova, all the way to the latest muse, Georgina Rodriguez, chosen because she is “talented, capable, mother of the family, wife, but not in the traditional sense: for Ronaldo, she is a partner in life.” and at work.

Women’s style, which is also a way to dress. “The one who wears Marciano has power., independence and great character: my women often went their own way and did not let anyone tell them what to wear and how to present themselves. Thinking of such women, I created Marilyn three zip jeanscomfortable but special. Ideas with a touch of unpredictability, like the name of the brand itself, are born on the streets of Los Angeles, before McDonald’s advertising: Guess what’s in our new Big Mac? “I had a vision, that word, Guess, Guess… I didn’t speak English well, but I was sure it was the right name, I just added a question mark.”

Love for women, which is also evidenced by the Guess European Foundation, which founded Jeans day against violence against women and blaming the victim, it’s sincere and comprehensive. “Monica Bellucci made it clear to us that she would love to star in an advertising campaign with us, but she was already too famous, I didn’t open anyone …”. In an age of inclusion the search for muses does not include the appearance of political correctness. “Our company has always been inclusive, and if a photographer recommends a model, I take note of it. But I don’t want my creativity to be conditioned, which is a tributethe eternal femininity of Jane Fonda or Sophia Loren“. A study from afar, in Marseille, when as a child he skipped school for matinees in the cinema before black-and-white films. “My love for real women was born there: fashion, like cinema, is a dream and I would like to defend the right to dream for a long time to come.”

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