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‘I can believe you’: Hanna Jaff identifies with Meghan Markle because of the racism experienced by the British nobility

Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)
Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)

The Mexican businesswoman and philanthropist Hanna Jaff now gave new statements about her failed marriage to the Baron of Teynham, Henry Roper-Curzon, member of the British nobility and cousin of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

And it is that since a week ago the young woman of 34 years returned to Mexico after a year four months of marriage, the accusations against the aristocrat for alleged domestic verbal abuse and a discriminatory attitude against Mexicans has not ceased.

For his part, the heir to the Tudor house denied the allegations in an interview with the Daily Mail, where, according to him, his family discovered that the Mexican philanthropist did not have the academic studies he presumed, nor his lineage nor riches were as prominent as he claimed upon meeting her.

Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)
Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)

In the face of attacks by a member of the Roper-Curzon family, Hanna has claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign by her ex, and denounced having been prey to extortion, threats and racial discrimination because of her Mexican origin on the part of the son of the ancestral king of England, Henry.

The Mexican philanthropist also uncovered that Henry is not as prosperous as he seems, because the whole family is bankrupt as a result of the debts with the trust of the English ancestral house where they currently live, because as it has transpired the property has a debit for maintenance, an amount that the Roper-Curzon family has not been able to solve.

Hanna also said that the aristocratic family he wanted her to help them cover their debts, so part of a family strategy is to find a rich woman who can pay for the expenses of the royal household. In addition, the member of the reality show Made in Mexico responded to the statements of “Harry”, as he is affectionately called, who said the family inquiry found that Jaff had not accredited his studies at Harvard., as he has so much boasted.

Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)
Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)

“I’m pretty transparent. On my website and on my social networks is all the work of my foundation and my studies“, said to Awaken America the psychologist by profession, who claimed to have studied at Harvard University.

Hanna also uncovered that the aristocrat’s family it is not as prosperous as it pretends to be: “That’s what they wanted. I began to realize over time that all the people in that family used their partners. I began to realize thatto home that presumed so much he was no longer her, it was from a trust“, he said. ” I was in London in my apartment when they started telling me that they already wanted me to sort out the issue of their stuff, if it wasn’t going to expose me and the threats. I said, it was good. He didn’t even let me in the last ones of the house.”

Hanna Jaff and Henry Roper-Curzon (Photo: Twitter@KurdAryans)
Hanna Jaff and Henry Roper-Curzon (Photo: [email protected])

And it is that in interview for People in Spanish, the psychologist by profession admitted to identifying with Meghan Markle, who has already repeatedly claimed to have felt discriminated against by the family of her husband, Prince Harry:

“Yes I can believe someone like Meghan that something like this happened to her”, said about the wife of the Prince Harry of England.

And when asked if she still loves the man who conquered her in 2019 and with whom she lived romantic moments, such as her “hand order” in the Swiss Alps, Hanna said:

“No, I am in love with life and this bad experience left me with many learnings”Said. She assures that she will divorce him. “We are barely separated. What comes for me is to be at peace, to try to heal that trauma.” Confesses. “This isn’t going to sink me, it’s going to make me stronger.”

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