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fran reyes

fran reyes

Hammerfest. – Even in the cold of the Arctic Circle, Brustenga has not lost his footing, nor his smile. The Lidl-Trek from Valles was one of the good news for the Norwegian Arctic, finishing fourth on stage one, sprint in Alta, the city of charm. “It’s the best result I’ve ever achieved in a professional game, and After a tough year and a half, this could be a turning point’, he told Relevo. “When you get to the finish line, the taste of fourth place is minimal…but that’s what it is. A month ago, I was sitting on the couch at home thinking the season was over, and I didn’t expect to be in Norway today’. Faced with a complicated fall, he must find a way to adapt in 2024, which is morally reinforced.

Marc Brustenga (1999, Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana) never took the easy road as a cyclist. After joining the Contador Foundation in his youth, he joined the French team La Pomme Marseille in the sub23 period to find a more favorable calendar for his 1.90. He later rose to prominence in the amateur Caja Rural competition, winning two Spanish Cup trials with his strength and ability. Got the attention of Trek-Segafredo, which converted to Lidl-Trek today and subsequently injected resources, will be without him next season.

He made his debut as a professional player and went straight from sub23 to the World Tour level, but health issues were his hallmark. “During this time I had mononucleosis, flu A, flu B, anemia…and my hip hurtwhich resulted in him only exerting 60% of the power he could exert with his right leg. One day I will go out to train, but I need three days to recover.I can sleep 15 hours a day. It all adds up to complexity in such a short amount of time. “

Fortunately, Catalans see dawn in a race where the sun only sets for four hours a day. “Being ahead again and feeling competitive again gave me a lot of strength to keep going,” he admitted. “For me, just feeling good and being able to ride the bike for days on end and feel energized is a big deal.“. Sometimes it is necessary to stop and think about where you came from in order to understand where you are. “Bad moments help to enjoy the good moments more”.

“The great thing about working at Trek for a year and a half is everything I’ve been through and the people I’ve met,” concluded Brustenga. “I am very fortunate to be part of the WorldTour team, which has given me the opportunity to live the life I love and race in such a remarkable place as the Polar Circle. In my heart, I also participated in the Tour of Australia in Australia in January this year. On the other hand, I have a love-hate relationship with Volta a Catalunya.. It’s my home race, but it’s also very tough, and I didn’t finish it in the two years I played. “

now my future is unknown“. The Catalan accepts this reluctantly, but without fear; he knows that life doesn’t end with cycling, that the priority is not to be an athlete, or to be rich, or to be famous… but to be happy. “I’m looking for equipment from my rep.It’s complicated because I’m completely unemployed, and my season isn’t anything special. I’m hoping to find something good for myself, to get back to being a cyclist and show what’s inside me. “

We ask you to “sell yourself” in the eyes of the team boss. “I would tell him, I love cycling; I love riding; I always give 100% on the bike. Cycling is a tough sport and I am a fighter”. Fast, rolling, powerful…? “It’s the people that matter. It might not be considered in cycling now, but I think it’s very relevant.. We are a group that has lived together for a long time, with good times and not-so-good times. It is better to have a good person around than a bad person around. Two weeks before his 24th birthday, Brustenga expressed his thoughts with simple wisdom.

fran reyes

Fran wants to be a stripper and eventually a reporter and devote herself to cycling so her life will work out. Youth Cycling Fund.

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