“I can’t stop, what do you Italians put into this?”. Their origin

Ten Seconds Mini Instagram Storiesand then also distributed via Twitter, for to make people laugh and draw everyone’s attention to one of the most popular typical Italian dishes: taralli. Definitely highly regardedactress and director Olivia Wilde, who, while on holiday in our country, filmed her confession that she was “under drugs”. Taralli. “I have a simple question for the Italians,” Wilde says in his social video, “what are you putting here. I can’t stop eating them, I can’t stop.” What is here?

Video of Wilde fighting taralli

From Doctor Dom love with Harry Styles in Puglia

Olivia Wilde captured the attention of the general Italian public with her role in the highly successful series. Doctor Dom, in the role of a very good doctor, who is also sick. Then took off into film and TV, with roles in films such as Tron: Legacy, Rush, Richard Jewell AND Babylon. Meanwhile, his debut as a director in a dystopian and much-discussed Don’t worry dear, which was also talked about a lot because of the tension on the set and the director’s love for the musician Harry Styles, the world’s pop star. She was married to photographer and filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, a descendant of the Italian royal Ruspoli dynasty. He loves Italy. And especially the Apulian taralli.

Origin of taralli

In fact there are not only Apulian taralli, in our country there are different origins and variations. Of course, a ring of unleavened and woven dough, made from flour, oil, salt, water, to which wine and some other ingredients are added for flavor, depending on the locality in which it is located, is one of my favorite street food. It’s still debatablename origin: according to some sources, tarallo is a vulgarization of the word grego theothers prefer Latin tower, that is, cook something fried. Historical traces of the existence of taralli go back at least to 15th centurywhen, in the poverty and destitution of southern peasant life, virtue was made out of necessity, and so here a few ingredients are reduced to strips of pasta seasoned, boiled, and made crunchy. There is a difference between the Apulian tarallo and the Campanian., the latter seasoned with lard, pork fat and plenty of pepper. Everything becomes a donut a close relative of fried pizza (we write about it here). And sometimes seasoned with almonds in the dough. With a shorter and less refined preparation than the Apulian tarallo, which is boiled, then cooled under a cloth, and then brought to readiness in a not too hot oven. Here’s Olivia, now you know what’s in your new drug..

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