“I could barely breathe and started throwing up”

A relative of Isa Pantoja expressed concern for her health after sharing some disturbing stories on Instagram: ‘I could barely breathe, I started throwing up’

“Survivor” is one of the most iconic and successful reality shows on Spanish television. Aired by Telecinco, the show has been a success since it first aired in 2000 and remains one of the most watched shows on national television.

The Survivor format is simple but effective. A group of contestants are sent to a deserted island where they must survive for several weeks without luxuries or comforts. While on the island, contestants participate in challenges and trials to win food, water, and other resources. Furthermore, they must coexist, which often creates tension and conflict.

Competitions usually last three months and have the same theme as they started: contestants must learn to survive without any consolation in order to claim the prizes they are given. 200,000 euros. To achieve this, participants had to be divided into groups and pass various tests until only ten remained. When this happens, the remaining contestants must compete to save themselves and make it to the final, which will ultimately determine the winner of that edition.

While it appears that the show has been airing in Honduras, it’s not the only destination. In 2000, it was recorded at Panama2001 Seychellesreleased two editions in 2003 and two editions in 2006 Dominican Republicexist Brazil In 2004, in Kenya In 2005, in nicaragua In 2010, finally in Honduras2007-2009, 2011, and 2014-2022.

The Spanish-language edition of Survivor kicks off with two versions of anonymous contestants September 10 of year 2010 exist Telecommunications company. Then change the channel in Antenna 3 Taking the title “Island of Celebrities,” there are four versions, one of which alternates the famous and the anonymous.

So far, the show belongs to the production company Bulldog TV, but after the end of this installment, in 2024 it will become part of Cuarzo Producciones, the production company already in charge of broadcasting Isle of Temptation on the Mediaset network.


Anuar Beno is enjoying the summer and using the opportunity to travel to destinations close to the sea to relax on the beach, as he did in Ibiza and Alicante.But after returning from the Balearics, the former “Survivor” contestant started feeling so bad he couldn’t even sleep because he thought he “lack of air” And was forced to go to the emergency room, where after studying his symptoms and running multiple tests, they gave him a medical diagnosis.

It all started last night when Asraf Benoy’s brother told his Instagram followers through Stories that he couldn’t sleep and what happened.or “one of the worst nights of the year” He thought it was “severe constipation”. An hour later, already more concerned, he shared an audio in which a loud, sustained voice could be heard emanating from his chest asking his “followers” for their opinion.

“It sounds like it’s my lungs, I’m overwhelmed because I don’t know if I should go to the hospital, it’s not a big deal, should I go?” asked Issa Pantoja’s brother-in-law, in a fan post On a recommendation, he went to the emergency room of a medical center in Madrid, where he lived for a long time. “Things got worse and I went to the emergency room. I could hardly breathe and I started throwing up”With an update, Anur later shared a photo of a thread on his arm and an oxygen mask.

Anuar Beno

“Well thank goodness here I am, that’s what the doctor told me,” he commented alongside the snap, suggesting to his followers that he didn’t have a cold and that he had something more serious. After doing numerous tests and reducing his stress with an oxygen mask to help him breathe better, The doctor explained to Julen Pereira’s friends that he had neither the coronavirus nor asthma nor pneumonia, but acute bronchitis.

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