“I couldn’t get up.” Sergey Sivokho spoke about the illness that made him lose 50 kg

Sergey Sivokho (Photo: instagram.com/ciboxo)

In the program Zirkovy Shlyakh on the Ukraine channel, showman Sergei Sivokho admitted that the doctors put him in front of a difficult choice.

According to Sivokho, his health problems began in childhood, and at the age of six, he was diagnosed with bronchitis with an asthmatic component.

“ I still have it. You start to choke, butthank God, there have been no attacks for a long time. Naturally, when I get sick, this cold goes a little harder for me than for others. And in general, there was no time when I would not cough. And then various means were used for treatment, including hormones. And it obviously gave its result. My dad is an athlete, my mother was also thin. I have never been complex about this. And while the age was quite so vigorous, that is, until recently, I did not feel these kilograms, ”says the presenter.

Sivokho remembered how he once lost three liters of blood. “ In 2017, I suddenly had an ulcer out of nowhere. I just began to lose strength and did not understand what was happening. I couldn’t get up. And when the ambulance took me away, at that time I lost three liters of blood, it was no longer possible to carry out a strip operation and I was brewing all this through the esophagus, excuse the details, for the details. They said that let’s either lose weight or goodbye. God forbid you to lose weight as I lost weight. There was everything, sometimes I didn’t feel like eating at all, ”the showman admitted.

Then his weight was 195 kg, but after hospitalization, he lost 50 kg. “ Then I got fluid in my lungs due to low mobility. Then I was injected into an artificial coma, but something happened in my hospital, my foot was disabled. That is, I can’t feel my foot on my left leg, that’s why I have such small problems with movement. Doctors have studied a lot, but for a more serious study it is necessary to go abroad again, the reason has not been established, ”the artist shares.